Dental Public Health; Overview

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Dental Public Health; Overview by Mind Map: Dental Public Health; Overview

1. Definitions

1.1. “Science and practice of preventing oral diseases, promoting oral health and improving the quality of life through the organised efforts of society”

1.2. Devision of dentistry providing leadership and expertise in population-based dentistry, oral health surveillance, policy development, community-based disease prevention and health promotion, and the maintenance of the dental safety net

2. Resources

2.1. Dental public health

2.2. Module: Dental Public Health

2.3. Dental Public Health

2.4. Essential Dental Public Health

3. Stages of Dental Public Health

3.1. Needs' assessment

3.2. Data Analysis

3.3. Program planning

3.4. Ethics and planning approval

3.5. Program implementation

3.6. Financing

3.7. Appraisal and review

4. Science and disciplines underpinning dental public health

4.1. Epidemiology

4.2. Health promotion

4.3. Medical statistics

4.4. sociology and psychology

4.5. Health economics

4.6. Health service management and planning

4.7. Evidence-based practice and evidence-based policy

4.8. Demography

5. Changes affecting practice of dentistry

5.1. Epidemiological changes

5.1.1. Changes in disease patter

5.2. Demographic shift

5.2.1. Aging

5.2.2. Changes in family structure

5.2.3. Population Mobility

5.2.4. Cultural diversity

5.3. Professional development

5.3.1. Interdisciplinary approach

5.3.2. Team work

5.3.3. Life-long learning

5.4. Social changes

5.4.1. Increasing public expectations

5.4.2. Increasing public demands on services

5.4.3. Widening social and economic inequalities

5.5. Political pressure

5.5.1. Changes to the welfare state

5.5.2. Pressures for cost containment on public spending

5.5.3. Rationing care

5.5.4. Increasing professional accountability

5.6. Technological changes

5.6.1. Health informatics

5.6.2. Pharmaceutical development

5.6.3. New dental materials

5.6.4. New technology (3D and 4D printing)

5.6.5. Advances in genetics

6. Components of dental public health infrastructure

6.1. Goverment

6.2. Education

6.3. Workforce

7. Prepared by: Dr. Weam Banjar

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