U.S. History

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U.S. History by Mind Map: U.S. History

1. Politics in the Guilded Age

1.1. Political Machines

1.2. Restoring Honest Government

1.3. The Populist Movement

2. The Age Of Reform

2.1. The Progressive Movement

2.2. reforming New Industrial Order

2.3. Reforming Society

3. The English Colonies

3.1. The New England Colonies

3.2. The Southern Colonies and Slavery

3.3. The Colonies During the Restoration

3.4. The Struggle for Land

4. From Confederation to Union

4.1. The Articles of Confederation

4.2. Drafting and Ratifying the Constitution

4.3. The Constitution:A Living Document

5. Progressive Politicians

5.1. Reforming Government

5.2. Roosvelt and The Square Deal

5.3. Reform Under Taft

5.4. Wilson's "New Freedom"

6. America and The World

6.1. Expansion in the Pacific

6.2. War With Spain

6.3. Expansion in Latin America

6.4. Conflict with Mexico

7. Independance

7.1. The Seeds of Unrest

7.2. The Shot Heard Around the World

7.3. Independence Declared

7.4. An American Victory