The Clash of Civilizations

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The Clash of Civilizations by Mind Map: The Clash of Civilizations

1. What is a civilization? Complex of organization of people or states that share cultural traits. These traits could be religion, ideology, ethnics, etc.

1.1. Japanese:

1.1.1. The Japan civilization is the only one named after a country. Japan is the only civilization that is a part of the West in some cases, but in others it is completely apart. This is because of the great modernism and technolgical advances of the country and civilization itself, but it has been slowed down to take part of the Western block by the culture itself.

1.2. Slavic Orthodox: .

1.2.1. The orthodox civilization is based in the religion and beliefs of this subdivision of Christianism that is only practiced in the Balkanic and Eastern Europe area. This belief has stopped many conflicts between nationalities (Ukrania and Russia).

1.3. Western Civilization:

1.3.1. Western civilization is the most modern and most advanced one of all, in terms of technology and economies. Western Civilization is seen as the enemy, mainly because it constant show of domination in the other ones. Major countries of this block: USA, UK, France.

1.4. Islamic Civilization:

1.4.1. The Islam is one of the most antique religions in our world. With a lot of countries involved and many people who profess their religion based in fundamentalism, is indeed a powerful block. The islamic group has suffered constant attacks from the West.From ideology, to religous attacks, directed by the US paranoia with their so called "terrorism".

1.5. Confucian:

1.5.1. The confucian civilization is based in Asia. In the last years it has expanded in an economical aspect. With the superpower of China and the Koreas it has a lot of influence and a lot of people who follows and shares it. Confucian-Islamic Connection: Both civilizations have been expanding in the last decades or so, they are connected with a common objective: Being able to compete with the West, in military, economics and in influence over the world. Weapon States: Weapon States are those countries who are not part of the Western that have a military and an army based in nuclear and advanced combat technology.

2. Eventually the major world civilizations will break out in a world conflict.

2.1. Why?

2.1.1. Money and Territory

2.1.2. The cultural differences between world civilizations are going more and more evident.

2.1.3. The world is shrinking, everyday, in almost every place there is a repetitive cultural clash.

2.1.4. Alliances against the "great enemy" (West), are gaining more and more power and influence in their neighbors.

2.2. Kin Country Syndorme:

2.2.1. The Kin Country Syndrome is the urge or the feeling that has one civilization to support the members of its own. This means that the members of a State will always support those who have a similar ideology, religous or beliefs. We can use the example of the Gulf War, where Arabs fought against Western.

3. There are many frontiers between the civilizations. All of them are historical, religous and ideological.

3.1. Islam and West:

3.1.1. The most notorious one and probably the most important one. The Islam civilization is trying really hard to get close to the West monetary and influencial power. As many experts say and predict: "The next big conflict will be against Islam"

3.2. West and Russia:

3.2.1. This is a more ideological type one. Russia has been a socialist country since its revolution, and the West has always characterized to be a loyal follower of capitalism. Indeed the Cold War has taken a huge part in this separation.

3.3. EUA and Japan:

3.3.1. This conflict origins go all the way to WW2. Pearl Harbor attack and the nukes took apart this two countries. Also its huge cultural and respect to the others difference play a role.

3.4. Turkey, West and Islam:

3.4.1. urkey elite had always dreamt the union with the European Union, but the Muslim historical references of the ex Ottoman Empire had taken this negotiations apart. As well as Turkish high commands have always rejected Mecca, following a Western Dream. Torn Countries: Countries that because of certain culture affairs doesn't belong to a certain civilization. The most concrete example of this is Turkey, a country that because of its Muslim history and cultural alliance to Islam, has been rejected multiple times to join the European Union.

3.5. Velvet Curtain:

3.5.1. This imaginary line is one of the most impressive boundary. This line separates the Roman Catholics, with the Ortodox Christians. In one side we had the Renaissance and the wonders of Industrial Revolution. In the other hand, we have the less developed and the conflictive part of Europe, that, till today still suffer the failure of Soviet Union in keeping an empire together.

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