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Making your teaching more effective through technology by Mind Map: Making your teaching more effective
through technology
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Making your teaching more effective through technology

What is it?


Distance learning

Blended learning

Technology integration in a classroom

Why do we need?

Increase teacher effectiveness

Improve learning of subject matter content

Enable assessment for learning

Development of “new literacies”

Make learning more relevant for students

Empower research activities

Transformation of practices

Increase global/regional competitiveness

Create distance learning opportunities

How to archive?


Identifying useful educational material for teaching and other resources, Tools, Wikipedia, Google, Social bookmarking, Folksonomy, Social repositories, RISAL, RSS Feeds

Skills in use of new tools


Mixing and re-mixing existing resources and media to create new resources, Tools, Blog, YouTube Video, Facebook, Slideshare presentation, Voicethread, Presentation, Power Point, Prezi Presentation, Mind Map, Mindmeister, Digital Story, Model, Scratch, Comic Strip, ToonDoo, Animation, GoAnimate, Video

Active Lessons

Make uses of Power Point to create an interesting scenario presentation

Presents students with some authentic scenario for learning.

Engages students to explore multimedia resources

Provides templates which organize and scaffold students’ completion of tasks

Requires students to use technology-based tools to create artifact of their involvement in the task

Require students to produce a product for evaluation

tudents might also conduct presentations, exhibitions, upload their artifacts on-line for class critique, etc.


Access to Internet

On-campus and at home

Wireless network

Mobile network

Access to Computers and Other Technologies

Learning Management System (LMS)


Rise of free software

Open sources


Content and Institutional Repositories

Pedagogical design

Transformation management