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Things People Say About Narci (Truths, Lies, Gossip) by Mind Map: Things
People Say
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Things People Say About Narci (Truths, Lies, Gossip)

his latest research involves the Correspondence and gestural language --

oh -- that was the Mute Naturalist? Narci was just speaking? well, that makes sense

the Naturalist traded his voice for the knowledge, he and N have a pact that N will get his voice back in exchange for secrets

he came to the Neath because

he was abducted by a jealous admirer

his lover died and he came down like Orpheus, but on his way to Hell he was distracted by the London nightlife

his family is entrenched in the topside of the Great Game

and he came to continue their work

and he came to hide from their enemies, and now their enemies have found him

he was a con artist, and betrayed by his partner to the authorities

it sounded like a lark

on the surface he

traveled with the Italian opera as

a cellist

an actor who played the part of an actress so well no one would recognize him now

was a shameless con artist, a corrupter of women, and a profligate gambler

was the sweetest, most well-mannered gentleman you'll ever meet, with a good family and education

was a spy

he flirts with the Masters at the carnival

and he's seen what lies beneath Mr Apples's cloak and hood

and he regularly plays Mahjong with it and its fellows, and wins

and Mr Wines invited him to try on a pair of his scarlet stockings

and even Mr Iron is warming up to him

he's an aspiring Marveller and his Heart's Desire is

eternal youth

one grand inspiration for his next artwork

to have a lost love restored to him

riches, of course -- it's always riches

to become a woman in body as well as in mind

or to become both, as s/he is both

he's a Black Ribbon Duellist

but only because he dallied with Feducci

and going to one of his duels is like going to one of his magic acts -- all flash and spectacle, and no one's really hurt

and that trick with the hansom cab was pretty entertaining

and plays a fool for show--really quite deadly

his lovers include

the Pugilistic Historian

and his husband the Bespectacled Folklorist!, and don't they dance just beautifully together?

and together they've charmed half of London into bed

the Ambiguous Detective

I saw him go in that Miss Daphne Bay's dressing room!

the Barbed Wit and the Acclaimed Beauty, at the same time

an Artist's Model

a Charming Heiress

a Once-Dashing Smuggler

and that's who he visits in the tomb-colonies

an Affectionate Devil and a Quiet Deviless, also at the same time

and that's where his burns come from -- you heard it was Correspondence?

the Firebrand Revolutionary

the Provost

the Secular Missionary

the Curate and -- yes, it's true! -- his sister

a Chef at the Shuttered Palace

several University fellows

the lead of one of his shows

or the entire cast of one his shows

the Scarlet Saint, before she was a madam

and he broke her heart

and she broke his

and they're still together, but must keep their love a secret

and they were still together, until Narciso took up with that detective or Scarlet took up with that artist

the Ginger Inventor in the lizard hat he's been gallivanting with

-- no! you don't think? and a Rubbery Man? -- the list goes on

the Anxious Detective

they were canoodling on a park bench!

the Cyclopean Seamstress

knowing her, and knowing him, would you be surprised?

the Scarred Dilettante he went honey-dreaming with

the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer

the Illuminated Gentleman

the Mute Naturalist

they study the Correspondence together, that's fair evidence, sorcery?, sexy sorcery

he's quite mad

did you see the way he dotes on his hat?

or hear him sing to that frightful plant of his?

or attend his comedy act at Mahogany Hall? and the way he 'assisted' that poor illusionist --

and the weasels, dear God, the weasels

he shudders whenever a cat walks by

and sometimes he wanders the streets when the lamps are low, humming strange and wild tunes

he has a daughter

and she's so innocent, so sweet, and so worried for her dissolute father -- won't you please help her help him?

but some people have seen her in entirely the wrong side of town; there's a parrot in a seedy pub in Wolfstack that knows her by name

just like Clathermont has three daughters

he wears a gown as often as he does a suit

and actually is a woman, under all that

and actually is ... complicated

and if you bother him about it when he's having a drink in a Wolfstack pub, he will lay you flat then stun you with a smile

and he'll show up to a sparring bout or a ring fight in a corset

and is quite gorgeous in either

and they call him the Italian Epicene

he's a Master Thief and budding Crime Lord

of the 'steal from the Embassy, give to the souless' variety

once he went through Flowerdene singing and giving out bars of nevercold brass (accompanied by his burly bodyguard), and the evening after he attended an Embassy dance, dismissing all suspicion with a smile

and that's how he collected his stake for the Marvellous, and keeps in such luxurious gowns

and the Pugilistic Historian is his head henchman (and burly bodyguard)

and he takes care of his own

and he works with the Cheesemonger, sometimes, when he feels like it

but secretly he works to undermine the Cheesemonger's operation from the inside

because he's Sicilian -- aren't they all crime lords?

and that's why you should never go against him when death is on the line

he's a Correspondence scholar

and his lectures are always a good show, full of verve and passionate handwaving

and he conducted a run of operatic performances through Veilgarden

which in turn became a run of eye-bleeding bacchanals

and he's like Orpheus, able to work magic through music

and now he's conducting a series of bizarre experiments with primordial shrieks

he was soulless once

because he traded it to a devil for his more esoteric musical talents

because he gave it to a poor spirifer desperate to make her quota

because he was seduced out of it, like everyone else

and was banned from Summerset

but snuck into the Feast of the World -- remember the rash of thefts that semester? and the unexpected fireworks?

and he won it back

through charm

through a card game at the circus -- a preview of the Marvellous

through the efforts of the CVR -- shh!

through the Correspondence -- ask Ascelpius Unbound

and he never won it back -- under that carefree facade, there's a soulless man

be careful

he runs a paper, the Sunday Septentrional

and there are revolutionaries, bohemians, devils, and other unsavory sorts on his staff

and no decent Londoner would be caught reading it

but no indecent Londoner would be caught without it