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Things people say about Gabriel Flynn by Mind Map: Things people say about Gabriel Flynn
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Things people say about Gabriel Flynn

On the Surface, he...

was nobility

wandered the earth and never stayed in the same place for long

lived for years as a recluse

experimented on corpses

kept a prisoner in his house for /three whole years/

He came to the Neath because...

he was arrested

a case led him here

he needed somewhere safe to conduct his experiments

he wanted to study it

he was fleeing his family

His lovers include...

The Pugilistic Historian

The Italian Epicene

the Historian /and/ the Epicene, at the same time

The Lovelorn Actress

the Cyclopean Seamstress

a circus performer at the Carnival

a colleague at the University

the Provost

He has worked...

as a consulting detective

at the University

at the Labyrinth of Tigers

as a mad scientist

He's really rather strange...

Machotaildrop is a 2009 fantasy comedy film written and directed by Corey Adams & Alex Craig. "Billboards, airplane-towed banners and the videogame young Walter Rhum plays every day at the bakery/skate shop he works at trumpet the notion that the widely worshipped skateboard company Machotaildrop is, in a word, "glorious." Walter wants nothing else in his boring suburban life than to earn a place among the top riders, like the haughty and heroic Blair Stanley. Dreams do come true, kidsafter he mails in his carefully assembled demo video, an elegantly handwritten invitation from the Baron himself arrives and Walter is soon whisked off to Machotaildrop's hidden headquarters, an opulent chateau where Walter is feted as the next big thing in skating. But is this really a dream come true, or a nightmare about to unfold? What exactly motivates this charming yet perplexing Baron and his strange attendants? What are his plans vis-a-vis the Manwolfs, a pack of feral skater miscreants Walter...

he won't set foot inside churches

he collects cats

he almost never leaves his rooms

he never drinks at parties

he's a closet Bohemian

he's paranoid

He's got no heart