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Symptoms by Mind Map: Symptoms

1. Sudden Weightloss

1.1. Does the patient present with these symptoms?

1.1.1. _ Increased Appetite Nausea Polydipsia (excessive thirst) Diarrhea Heart palpatations

1.1.2. Yes Ask patient if they are taking artificial TSH They are They are not

1.1.3. No Refer patient to a psychiatrist as the patient may be suffering from an eating disorder

2. Partial Vision loss

2.1. Refer patient to an optomologist to check for problems with the eye

2.1.1. Loss of vision is due to an ocular problem Optomologist will treat the ocular problem

2.1.2. Loss of vision is not due to an occular problem Send patient for an MRI to look for masses in the brain MRI finds a thyrotropic adenoma MRI finds mass elsewhere in the brain If the patient has any metal in their body (eg. joint replacements or pins for a fractured bone) a cat scan is an alternative test that can be used as an MRI would super heat the metal in their body which would be incredibly painful and could kill them.

3. Patient is a Female within Reproductive Years

3.1. Patient has heavy and prolonged menstrual periods

3.1.1. Does the Patient have these symptoms? -Infertility -Menstrual Disorders -Obesity -Acne -Abnormal facial, chest and pubic hair growth Yes Is Patient Taking artificial LH? No Patient should be prescribed the contraceptive pill to regulate menstrual periods.

4. Patient is a Postpartum female.

4.1. Patient infrequent menstruation (oligomenorrhea)

4.1.1. Is the patient experiencing the following symptoms? - Inability to breast feed - Pubic or under arm hair loss - Lowered blood pressure - Fatigue - Weight loss Yes Has the patient experienced any recent head traumas? No Direct patient to a Gynecologist. There, the patient will be thoroughly examined, and given a remedy for their irregular menstrual cycle.