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English by Mind Map: English

1. Self Study

1.1. Books (Novels)

1.1.1. The Giver - Lois Lowry Fictional Life Controlled Life of a young boy Name: Jonas Age: 12 Occupation: Reciever of memory Wanting Change Confusion Being the receiver of memories Good, relieving, happy memories Sad, agonizing, painful memories How difficult it would be not knowing what was outside of the world you are in. Elsewhere is far away Elsewhere is in his memories Elsewhere is not known to the people in his community Characters Jonas Lilly The Giver The Reciever Mom Dad Asher Fiona

1.1.2. Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli Strange Girl People at school not understanding why she acts the way she does Being an outkast Having people think she's an alien Having people think she's a spy Using her language as a way to confuse people Tricking people in the way she builds her sentences Being a nice person yet still talked about Being popular suddenly only because she became a cheerleader Losing all the popularity for one small insignificant detail Characters Stargirls Leo Archie Hilary Kimble Dr. Sargero

1.2. Worksheets

1.2.1. Questions on books

1.2.2. Vocabulary Sheets

1.2.3. Grammer Sheets

1.2.4. Essays

1.2.5. Note taking on books

2. Movies

2.1. Bedazzled

2.2. Pay It Forward

2.3. Midnight Summer's Dream

3. Teacher

3.1. Mrs. Nebel

3.1.1. Kind

3.1.2. Fun

3.1.3. Nice

3.1.4. Experienced

3.1.5. Bilingual

3.1.6. Qualified

4. Essays

4.1. About

4.1.1. Important event in your life

4.1.2. The Giver reading reaction

5. Quizzes

5.1. Moderate Difficulty

5.2. Quick

6. Grammar

6.1. Grammer

6.2. Essays

6.3. Prefixes

6.4. Sufixes

6.5. Punctuation

6.5.1. Exclamation Mark (!)

6.5.2. Question Mark (?)

6.5.3. Full stop or period (.)

6.5.4. Comma (,)

6.6. Greek Roots

6.7. Historical English

6.8. Slang

7. Course

7.1. Important

7.2. Helpful

7.3. Educating

8. Class Discussions

8.1. Class Serious Discussions

8.1.1. What is the meaning of life?

8.1.2. Why do we need to live?

8.1.3. Why are we here?

8.1.4. Why is God testing us?

8.1.5. Are heaven and hell real?

8.1.6. Why are there different religions?

8.1.7. Are we sure devils and angels exist?

8.1.8. How can we make our lives different?

8.1.9. Can one person make a change?

8.1.10. How do we affect people's lives?

8.1.11. When do we die?

8.1.12. What are our future goals?

8.1.13. Why can't there be peace in the world?

8.1.14. Why can't we always get what we want?

8.1.15. Why do we want whant what we want?

8.2. Class Significant Discussions

8.2.1. What if I were my friends' nationality?

8.2.2. What would happen if we were all black?

8.2.3. Why does racial prejuiduce surround our schools?

8.2.4. Why do different races cause anger between people?

8.2.5. Why do wars happen?

8.2.6. Why is it always the stronger countries that take over the small and weak countires?

8.2.7. Couldn't strong countries help weaker countries instead of overtaking them?

8.2.8. Why do students bully eachother?

8.2.9. Why are people cursing all of the time?