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Product Architect by Mind Map: Product Architect

1. Creative

1.1. Have they created apps on their free time?

1.2. Have they participated in hackathons?

2. Full stack exposure

2.1. UI

2.1.1. Javascript

2.2. Server

2.2.1. Scripting

2.3. API

2.4. Database

2.4.1. Are they opinionated about RDBMS vs NoSQL

2.5. Mobile Apps

2.6. Deployment

2.6.1. Devops experience?

3. Engages with community outside work

3.1. Contribute to open source

3.2. Meetups

3.3. Blog

3.4. Conferences

3.5. Awareness on Technology Trends

4. Salesman

4.1. Is he passionate about something?

4.1.1. Can he get me excited about it?

5. Ownership

5.1. Is the person proud of something that he has created?

6. Fire in the belly

6.1. Is there something that he is struggling for or is he content with life as it is?

7. Software engineering

7.1. Data structures and algorithms

7.1.1. Can the person devise an algorithm to a sample problem?

7.2. Can the person measure things?

7.2.1. Performance

7.2.2. Quality

7.3. Security

7.4. Version control

7.5. Design Patterns

7.6. Software Architecture

7.6.1. Caching Cache invalidation strategies

8. Learnings

8.1. Has the person failed ever?

8.1.1. What did they learn?

8.2. Given a chance to go back in time, how would you do your project X differently?

8.3. Has it ever happened that you found that your architecture that you worked so hard creating does not meet the requirements? How did you deal with it?

8.3.1. What have you fixed? Is it live in production?

9. Experiences

9.1. Product development

9.1.1. Have they been part of a core development team?

9.1.2. Have they maintained a product that they created for an year or more?

9.2. CRM

9.3. Project Management Methodologies (Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban etc.)

9.4. Worked at a startup

10. Leadership

10.1. Experience with setting up a new team

10.1.1. Let's say we a startup and you are the CTO, <explanation of product>, how many people would you need to hire, what skills?

10.1.2. What should be the technology stack?

10.1.3. What are different challenges?

10.2. Experience with establishing software engineering workflows

10.2.1. How should a good onboarding document for a new member in your technical team look like?

10.3. Effective at representing the engineering to the management

10.3.1. How would you convince the management to allow time for framework version upgrade?