Higher Education

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Higher Education by Mind Map: Higher Education

1. Home Page

1.1. There will be an overview of the most significant information trying to pursuade people to keep on reading the website to ge more information.

1.1.1. There will be statistics videos from families that may be struggling. There will be edited photos and videos to get viewers attention Have social media listed on the site

2. Contact Page

2.1. Will be located on the home page. There will be information on how to contact us if they have questions of what it might take to go to get a higher education.

2.1.1. Emails a number and links will be provided so people can get in contact.

3. About Me

3.1. I am designed to get students on road to attaining a higher education by informing them about the oppourtunities they get when doing so.

3.1.1. There will be facts and statistics of how many people have gotten to a college and how many people actually graduated and got a job in career

4. Resources

4.1. There will be estimating fees for colleges. Links to community colleges or universities. There will be information on what going to college might take from you. How to prepare if still in high school.

4.1.1. The bls website can be provided. calculator. University related apps. Include tables or graphs

5. Strategic Plan

5.1. I will create a website where students who are in highschool and are planning to go to college can go to get information on why it is important in order to help them think about going to attain one.

5.1.1. There will be logos and videos, and activities to get people to want to learn more. Tech used: computers calculator phones to search apps. Google forms such as a survey could be used where students say how helpful going to college is.