Avoid procrastination

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Avoid procrastination by Mind Map: Avoid procrastination

1. Strategic planning

1.1. I will hide my Strategic planning on the web page

1.1.1. put my mindmeister in this page

2. Home page

2.1. logo

2.1.1. Make a logo related to my theme

2.2. photo editing

2.2.1. Insert a picture related to my topic

2.3. introduce the procrastination

2.3.1. gives the definition of procrastination and some examples

2.4. Negative impact

2.4.1. What is the negative reaction to procrastination?

3. Contact page

3.1. Contact page gives some of my contact information

3.1.1. Include E-mail phone and address

4. Resources

4.1. ill all the resources i used in my web include images videos and quotes

4.1.1. gives URL for all the resources i uesed

5. About me

5.1. About me page gives a Introduce of myself including my country; my family and my pets

5.1.1. Photo Editing: Ill add some images about my country and my pets

6. About

6.1. Give some specific ways to avoid procrstination

6.1.1. change your enviornment

6.1.2. Change your work to what you’re really passionate about

6.1.3. divide your work into little parts and plans to complete each part of them

6.1.4. Set a mid day alarm

6.1.5. Done the hardest part of the work first

6.1.6. Make a calendar instead of a "to-do list"

6.1.7. Find someone to urging you

6.1.8. Become More Self Aware

7. Reason for Procrastination

7.1. write some reason for why most college student like to delay their works

7.2. Give some examples about myself and the negative impact of my procrastination

8. Give Definition of procrastination

8.1. How we measure if it's procrastination or delay