Furry Adoptions

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Furry Adoptions by Mind Map: Furry Adoptions

1. About

1.1. This particular page will describe what the organization is all about, how it was started and why. It will express their love for dogs and strong beliefs in every dog deserving a home.

1.1.1. Will include an embedded video of why you should adopt animals rather than purchase them, and slideshow of different dogs up for adoption.

2. Contact

2.1. This page will have a form to enter viewers information for updates from the organization, how to donate, references, and link to thinking map.

3. Home

3.1. This page will be the first page viewer see, and will contain the mission statement, brief information and insight into the organization.

3.1.1. Will include images of dogs

4. Services

4.1. This page will contain the adoption process, how to apply to adopt a dog, and some of the dogs up for adoptions.

4.1.1. Will include texts, images of dogs, and possibly a links to videos for first time pet owners that are thinking of adopting their first pet.

5. Purpose

5.1. Furry Adoptions is meant to provide a forever home for all of furry friends, big and small, old and young. Every dog deserves a family that will give them attention and love they need, and it is our job to find that family.