Human Body Systems

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Human Body Systems by Mind Map: Human Body Systems

1. Digestive System: Breaks down food into molecules then are absorbed into the body

2. Respiratory System: Gets O2 in the body and CO2 out of the body, and regulates PH levels in the blood.

3. Endocrine System: Produce and Regulates hormones in the body.

4. Circulatory System: Pumps blood to the body.

5. Skeletal System: Keeps the shape of the body intact and acts as a protector of the inner organs.

6. Integumentary System: Hair, Skin, and nails all act to protect the inner organs.

7. Lymphatic System: Insures organs have enough fluid, defends the body, and absorbs fats.

8. Nervous System: Sends and Receives Messages through the spinal cord.

9. Excretory System: Stores and releases urine from the body.

10. Brain: Sends, Interprets and Recieves Messages

11. Spinal Cord: Carries Messages traveling between the brain and body.

12. Cranial and Spinal Nerves: Carries Messages all over the body.

13. Bone: Provides Support and Protection to internal organs and creates a system of levers that allows for movement.

14. Ligament: Attaches Bone to Bone

15. Tendon: Attaches Muscle to Bone.

16. Cartilage: Provides support and protection but is more flexible then bone.

17. Trachea: Airway from mouth/nose to lungs

18. Bronchi: Air Passageways within the lungs

19. Lungs: Where O2 and CO2 are exchanged with blood

20. Diaphragm: The muscle that allows the lungs to expand, and therefore breathing to occur

21. Stomach: Stores, Mechanically Mashes, and chemically digests proteins.

22. Small Intestine:Stores, Mechanically Mashes, and chemically digests proteins.

23. Pancreas: Makes Digestive Enzymes for the Small Intestine

24. Large Intestine: Removes water from food that cannot be digested.

25. Heart: Pumps Blood

26. Blood Vessels: Carries Blood to all the tissues of the body

27. Blood: Transports gasses, nutrients, and hormones.

28. Hair: Protects sensitive areas and helps regulate body temperature.

29. Skin: Protects the internal body from the outside world

30. Nails: Protects the ends of the fingers and toes and aids in manipulation objects.

31. Lymph: Fluid containing White Blood Cells that fight infection.

32. Thymus: Produces T-Cells that fight infection

33. Spleen: Filters Blood, stores RBC's and helps detect foreign substances.

34. Kidney: Filters blood to remove waste and make urine

35. Urinary Bladder: Stores Urine until it is ready to be expelled.

36. Spleen: Filters blood to remove waste and make urine.

37. Thyroid: Secretes hormones that regulate growth and metabolism.

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38. Pancreas: Secretes hormones that regulate the amount of glucose in the blood

39. Pituitary Gland: Secretes hormones that regulate growth and metabolism and is the link between the nervous system and the endocrine system