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AI and Journalism by Mind Map: AI and Journalism

1. content generation by AI

1.1. financial reports sports, restaurants, everything data and number related

1.1.1. Automated Insights determine angle determine tone "do not humiliate the loser" "do not mention kid's errors" "highlight heroics"

1.1.2. Narrative Science

1.2. selection of the best photo

1.3. writing the caption

1.4. future: most stories are generated by algos, but far more things will be covered

1.4.1. expanding to every area

1.4.2. supported by sensors, data explosion

1.4.3. gaining insights humans don't have

2. curation, news selection and presentation by AI

2.1. what will we select, how prominent, when will we do so

2.1.1. Newswhip, Ezyinsights just in the slipstream of what is or will be hot on social media?

2.1.2. Chartbeat,, Adobe analytics... just obeying what it says about where to put what?

2.2. how will we personalize and how will we avoid echo chambers

2.2.1. Facebook, Twitter...

2.3. how will we explore new formats such as news via chatbots who actually enter into a dialogue

3. ethics for AI

3.1. which are the implicit ethical choices we make through the programming?

4. unemployment caused by AI?

4.1. more subjects , so more editors?

4.2. steering the algos - a new profession?

4.3. algos can be self-learning for new subjects

4.4. journalism is about teams, now algos will be team members too, learn how to coordinate all that

5. issues and questions

5.1. concerns about ethics right now

5.2. learn how to help AI learning

5.3. for now: learn to manage cyber teams

5.4. established publishers will be confronted with new players