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Periodic Table by Mind Map: Periodic Table
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Periodic Table


Alternative versions



Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 7

Group 8

Group 10

Group 11

Group 12

Group 13

Group 14

Group 15

Group 16

Group 17

Group 18


Chemical elements in the first period

Chemical elements in the second period

Chemical elements in the third period

Chemical elements in the fourth period

Chemical elements in the fifth period

Chemical elements in the sixth period

Chemical elements in the seventh period

Chemical elements in the eighth period








Periodicity of chemical properties

Atomic radius


Empirically measured atomic radii

Explanation of the general trends

Lanthanide contraction, Cause, Effects, Properties of the lanthanides, Influence on the post-lanthanides

d-Block contraction

Ionization potential

Values and trends, 1st–10th, 11th–20th, 21st–30th

Electrostatic explanation

Quantum-mechanical explanation

Molecules: Vertical ionization energy and adiabatic ionization energy

Electron affinity

Electron affinities of the elements, Elements, Molecules

Molecular electron affinities

Electron affinity of Surfaces


Electronegativities of the elements

Methods of calculation, Pauling electronegativity, Mulliken electronegativity, Allred–Rochow electronegativity, Sanderson electronegativity, Allen electronegativity

Correlation of electronegativity with other properties

Trends in electronegativity, Periodic trends, Variation of electronegativity with oxidation number

Group electronegativity


Trends of groups

Trends of periods


Elemental ideas from ancient times

Age of Enlightenment

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier

Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner

Classifying Elements

Alexandre-Emile Béguyer de Chancourtois

John Newlands

Dimitri Mendeleev

Lothar Meyer

Refinements to the periodic table

Henry Moseley

Glenn T. Seaborg

Main discovery periods

The periodic table as a cultural icon