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Subjects by Mind Map: Subjects
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Stand and deliver, wrote poems relating to chearacters

October Sky, rocket project


Essays about topics given to us

Essays about statements we (dis)agree with

Essays graded at an AP level

Essays written about given sources


Tuesdays with Morrie, wrote essay on Morrie's opinions, Discussion of Morrie's opinions, 2 tests on the story

City of Joy, 3 get-it-all-wrong tests

Palace walk


Greek Gods project, made a cube with tropes and info on Gods, researched online about Greek Gods, made a powerpoint on our chosen Greek Gods

Amin Maalouf project, read sources, chose 20 lines out of the sources and stick them to 3D figure, write 15-20 lines on why you chose this figure

'Opinions' project, read 5 souces and chose sentences from each, create a picture drawn from these chosen sentences

Tangram project

U.S. History

Beginnings of America

The New England colonies 1620-1763, slavery, made posters, during restoration, The struggle for land

Creating a nation 1763-1815, The tea act, wrote about disagreement with act, The townshend acts, wrote about disagreements with acts, revolutionary war, in class discussion of effects of war, declaration of independence, Tests

American victory, battle of trenton, battle of saratoga, battle of yorktown

Confederation to Federal Union 1776-1789, articles of confederation, republicanism and women, made posters, weaknesses in the confederation, wrote list of pros and cons, The constitutiion, federalism, seperation of powers, worsheets on federal and state powers, Tests

A federal gov't is established, quizzes, presentation

Presentations on different races that immigrated to US

modern U.S. history

Expansion and conflict 1820-1860, the lure of the west, warm-up questions, The alamo and goliad, questions, quiz

sectional conflicts 1845-1861, uneasy balance, annexation of texas, 1848 election, slavery, questions, The gold rush, mines and mining camps, questions, conflict in the mines, questions, quiz

The civil war 1861-1865, the union dissolves, quiz, quiz, the war in the west, Shiloh, New Orleans, antietam, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, Test

watched Alexander the great

Pre Calculus

solving Algabraeic equations




graphing parabolas


vertical and horizontal stretch

exponential functions

cubic functions

graded homework


Logs and lon equations

graphing log and lon equations


word problems


finding the equation and solving

graphing the equation


sine, cosecant and their graphs

cosine, secant and their graphs

tangent, cotangent and their graphs


Word problems project

Trig identities

Sine and Cosine rule

graded homework


pythagorean identity

Apply, solve, communicate

finding period and amplitude, domain and range


domain and range restrictions



Principles of ecology

Communities and biomes, quiz

population of biology

biology diversity and conservation


The life of a cell

the chemistry of life

a view of the cell

cellular transport and the cell cycle

energy in a cell

visit the lab



mendel and miosis


DNA and Genes