Islam Hour 1

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Islam Hour 1 by Mind Map: Islam Hour 1

1. Core beliefs

1.1. God(Allah) is the one true God, and nothing should be worshipped over Him

1.2. Belief in the unseen world as described in the Quran

1.3. Belief in the angels/messengers of God

1.4. Belief in the sacred texts/all books of God(Gospel, Quran, Torah, etc.)

1.5. Belief in the afterlife and Judgment Day

1.6. Belief in the divine decree, or fate, of all things(destiny)


2. Political and Social impact

2.1. Political

2.1.1. Muslim values are at the core of politics in Islamic countries

2.1.2. Maintain the Islamic law or Shariah under god's authority

2.1.3. go side by side with their religious beliefs of right and wrong

2.1.4. Religion and Politics: Islam - explorefaith

2.2. Social

2.2.1. Language was mostly Arabic because that was the main language of Islam

2.2.2. men have more power over women Woman have to cover face in public man has say in divorce

2.2.3. The Social System and Morality of Islam

3. Where did it spread and why?

3.1. Islam spread out to become dominant in Arabia into North Africa and parts of Europe and Asia

3.1.1. It spread through holy wars waged by Muslims, through trade, and immigration

3.2. It spread further across the world, becoming the second largest religion besides Christianity

3.3. Teachers Guide - Muslims | Teacher Center | FRONTLINE | PBS

4. How Islam Began - In Ten Minutes

5. Religious Artifact Kaaba stone

6. Origins and founder

6.1. Muhammad was the prophet/ Founder of Islam

6.2. Originated in Mecca. Started in 610, on the night of power. Was praying in a cave to Allah when St.Gabriel came down and told him to write the word of Allah.

7. Sacred Texts

7.1. The Hadith, Quran

7.1.1. Some stories from the Hadith are unreliable and irrelevant.

7.2. The Quran is the word of Allah written by Muhammad

7.3. The Five Pillars of Islam

7.3.1. The Shahada states that there is no God but God and Muhammad is gods prophet

7.3.2. Salat or ritual prayer five times a day.

7.3.3. Sawm month long fasting. No eating drinking or smoking during daylight.

7.3.4. Zakat where none poor muslims are spoosed to give a percentage of money to poor.

7.3.5. Hajj the pilgrimage to Mecca Muslims must try to fulfill in there lifetime.

7.4. Information from crash course john green

8. spread of Islam