Ancient & Mystic Texts

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Ancient & Mystic Texts by Mind Map: Ancient & Mystic Texts

1. Hebraic-Christian

1.1. Aleppo Codex

1.2. Apocrypha

1.2.1. "Book of Jasher"

1.2.2. "Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan"

1.2.3. "Gospel of Nicodemus" (Acts of Pilate)

1.2.4. Nag Hammadi library Codex I "Gospel of Truth" "The Apocryphon of James" (also known as the Secret Book of James) "The Prayer of the Apostle Paul" "The Treatise on the Resurrection" "The Tripartite Tractate" Codex II "Book of Thomas the Contender" "Exegesis on the Soul" "Gospel of Philip" "The Apocryphon of John" "Gospel of Thomas" "Hypostasis of the Archons" "On the Origin of the World" Codex III "Eugnostos the Blessed" "Gospel of the Egyptians" "The Apocryphon of John" "The Dialogue of the Saviour" "The Sophia of Jesus Christ" Codex IV "Gospel of the Egyptians" "The Apocryphon of John" Codex V "Apocalypse of Adam" "Apocalypse of Paul" "Eugnostos the Blessed" "First Apocalypse of James" "Second Apocalypse of James" Codex VI "Authoritative Teaching" "Republic" by Plato - The original is not gnostic, but the Nag Hammadi library version is heavily modified with then-current gnostic concepts. "The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles" "The Concept of Our Great Power" "The Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth" - a Hermetic treatise "The Prayer of Thanksgiving" (with a hand-written note) - a Hermetic prayer "The Thunder, Perfect Mind" Asclepius 21-29 - another Hermetic treatise Codex VII "Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter" "Paraphrase of Shem" "The Second Treatise of the Great Seth" "The Teachings of Silvanus" "Three Steles of Seth" Codex VIII "The Letter of Peter to Philip" "Zostrianos" Codex XI "Melchizedek" "Testimony of Truth" "Thought of Norea" Codex X "Marsanes" Codex XI "Allogenes" "Hypsiphrone" "The Interpretation of Knowledge" "Valentinus" Codex XII "Gospel of Truth" "The Sentences of Sextus" Codex XIII "On the Origin of the World" "Trimorphic Protennoia"

1.3. Catholic Bible

1.3.1. Old Testament "Genesis " "Exodus" "Leviticus" "Numbers" "Deuteronomy" "Joshua" "Judges" "Ruth" "I Samuel" "II Samuel" "I Kings" "II KIngs" "I Chronicles" "II Chronicles" "Ezra" "Nehemiah" "Esther" "Job" "Psalms" "Proverbs" "Ecclesiastes" "Song of Songs" "Isaiah" "Jeremiah" "Lamentations" "Ezekiel" "Daniel" "Hosea" "Joel" "Amos" "Obadiah" "Jonah" "Micah" "Nahum" "Habakkuk" "Zephaniah" "Haggai" "Zechariah" "Malachi"

1.3.2. Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha "I Esdras" "II Esdras" "Tobit" "Judith" "Additions to Esther" "Wisdom of Solomon" "Ecclesiasticus" "Baruch" "Epistle of Jeremiah" "Song of the Three Children" "Story of Susanna" "Bel and the Dragon" "Prayer of Manasseh" "I Maccabees" "II Maccabees" "III Maccabees" "IV Maccabees" "Psalm 151"

1.3.3. New Testament "Matthew" "Mark" "Luke" "John" "Acts" "Romans" "I Corinthians" "II Corinthians" "Galatians" "Ephesians" "Philippians" "Colossians" "I Thessalonians" "II Thessalonians" "I Timothy" "II Timothy" "Titus" "Philemon" "Hebrews" "James" "I Peter" "II Peter" "I John" "II John" "III John" "Jude" "Revelation"

1.4. Codex Sinaiticus

1.5. Codex Vaticanus

1.6. Dead Seas Scrolls (D.S.S.)

1.6.1. "Allegory of the Vine"

1.6.2. "Angelic Liturgy"

1.6.3. "Apocryphon of David"

1.6.4. "Apocryphon of Malachi"

1.6.5. "Apocryphon of Moses"

1.6.6. "Apocryphal Prophecy"

1.6.7. "Apocryphal Psalms"

1.6.8. "Aramaic Apocalypse" Son of God Text

1.6.9. "Benediction"

1.6.10. "Book of Baruch"

1.6.11. "Book of Jubilees"

1.6.12. "Copper Scroll"

1.6.13. "Damascus Document"

1.6.14. "Enoch"

1.6.15. "Genesis Apocryphon"

1.6.16. "Halakhic Letter"

1.6.17. "Heavenly Prince Melchizedek" 11Q13

1.6.18. "Hodayot"

1.6.19. "Hymn to King Jonathan"

1.6.20. "Isaiah Scroll"

1.6.21. "Letter of Jeremiah"

1.6.22. "Messianic Anthology"

1.6.23. "Messianic Apocalypse"

1.6.24. "Midrash on the Last Days"

1.6.25. "New Jerusalem" 11Q18

1.6.26. "Ogias the Giant"

1.6.27. "Pesher on Canticles"

1.6.28. "Pesher on Genesis"

1.6.29. "Pesher Habakkuk"

1.6.30. "Pesher on Hosea"

1.6.31. "Pesher on Isaiah"

1.6.32. "Pesher on Micah"

1.6.33. "Pesher on Nahum"

1.6.34. "Pesher on Psalms"

1.6.35. "Pesher on Zephaniah"

1.6.36. "Serekh ha-Yahad"

1.6.37. "Songs of the Sage"

1.6.38. "Targum of Job"

1.6.39. "Targum of Leviticus"

1.6.40. "Temple Scroll"

1.6.41. "Testament of Judah"

1.6.42. "Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs"

1.6.43. "The Rule of the Blessing"

1.6.44. "The Rule of the Congregation"

1.6.45. "War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness"

1.6.46. "Wisdom of Jesus son of Sirach"

1.6.47. ""Words of Michael"; Archangel

1.6.48. "Words of Moses"

1.7. James Ussher

1.7.1. "Annales Veteris Testamenti, a prima mundi origine deducti, una cum rerum Asiaticarum et Aegyptiacarum chronico, a temporis historici principio usque ad Maccabaicorum initia producto"

1.8. Jewish Mysticism

1.8.1. "Kabbalah"

1.8.2. "Midrash"

1.8.3. "Talmud" "Mishnah" "Gemara"

1.8.4. "Zohar"

1.9. Jordanian Scrolls (70)

1.10. Leningrad Codex

1.11. Protestant Bible

1.11.1. Old Testament

1.11.2. New Testament

1.12. Septuagint

1.13. Silver Scrolls (2)

1.14. Tanakh

1.14.1. 'Torah' "Genesis" "Exodus" "Leviticus" "Numbers" "Deuteronomy"

1.14.2. 'Nevi'im' "Joshua" "Judges" "I Samuel" "II Samuel" "I Kings" "II Kings" "Isaiah" "Jeremiah" "Ezekiel" "Hosea" "Joel" "Amos" "Obadiah" "Jonah" "Micah" "Nahum" "Habakkuk" "Zephaniah" "Haggai" "Zechariah" "Malachi"

1.14.3. 'Ketuvim' "Psalms" "Proverbs" "Job" "Song of Songs" "Ruth" "Lamentations" "Ecclesiastes" "Esther" "Daniel" "Ezra" "Nehemiah" "I Chronicles" "II Chronicles"

1.15. Yoseph Ben Mattithyahu

1.15.1. "Against Apion"

1.15.2. "Antiquities of the Jews"

1.15.3. "The Jewish War"

2. Sumerian/Akkadian/Babylonian

2.1. "A Man and His God"

2.2. "Atra-Hasis"

2.3. "Enki and the World Order"

2.4. "Enki's Journey to Nibru"

2.5. "Enlil and Ninlil"

2.6. "Enmerkar and the En-Suhgir-an"

2.7. "Enmerkar and the Lord Aratta"

2.8. "Enuma Elish"

2.9. "Epic of Gilgamesh"

2.10. "Eridu Genesis"

2.11. "Gilgamesh and Aga"

2.12. "History of the Tummal"

2.13. "Inanna's Descent to the Nether World"

2.14. "Lugalbanda and the Anzu Bird"

2.15. "Lugalbanda and the Mountain Cave"

2.16. "Ninĝišzida's journey to the nether world"

2.17. "Ninurta and the Turtle"

2.18. "Ninurta's return to Nibru: a šir-gida to Ninurta"

2.19. "Pabilsaĝ's journey to Nibru"

2.20. "Rulers of Lagas"

2.21. "Sargon and Or-Zababa"

2.22. "Sumerian King's List"

2.23. "The Advice of a Supervisor to a Younger Scribe"

2.24. "The Building of Ningirsus Temple"

2.25. "The Lament for Eridug"

2.26. "The Lament for Nibru"

2.27. "The Lament for Sumer and Urim"

2.28. "The Lament for Unug"

2.29. "The Lament for Urim"

2.30. "The Legend of Adapa"

2.31. "The Poem of Early Rulers"

2.32. "The Victory of Utu-Hegul"

2.33. "Ur-Namma the canal-digger (Ur-Namma D)"

3. Sanskrit

3.1. Arthashastra

3.2. "Atharvaveda"

3.3. "Bhagavad Gita"

3.4. "Mahabharata"

3.5. "Manusmṛti"

3.6. "Mudra-Rakashasa Drama"

3.7. "Puranas"

3.8. "Raghuvaṃśa"

3.9. "Rajatarangini"

3.10. "Ramayana"

3.11. "Rigveda"

3.12. "Samaveda"

3.13. "Upanishads"

3.14. "Vaimanika Shastra"

3.15. "Yajurveda"

3.16. "Yoga Sutras of Patanjali"

3.17. "Yoga Vasistha"

4. Rosicrucian

4.1. "Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz"

4.2. "Confessio Fraternitatis"

4.3. "Fama Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis"

4.4. "Parabola Allegory"

5. Jesuit

5.1. "Formula of the Institute of the Society of Jesus"

5.2. "La Civiltà Cattolica"

5.3. "Ratio Studiorum"

6. Egyptian

6.1. "Book of the Dead"

6.2. "Coffin Texts"

6.3. "Ebers Papyrus"

6.4. "Edwin Smith Papyrus"

6.5. "Pyramid Texts"

6.6. "The Tale of Sinuhe"

6.7. "Westcar Papyrus"

7. Native American

7.1. "Big Long Man's Corn Patch"

7.2. "Blessed Gift of Joy is Bestowed Upon Man"

7.3. "Bluebird and the Coyote"

7.4. "Buffalo and Eagle Wing"

7.5. "Chipmunk and Bear"

7.6. "Coyote and Multnomah Falls"

7.7. "Coyote and the Another One"

7.8. "Coyote and the Rolling Rock"

7.9. "Coyote Kills a Giant"

7.10. "Coyote vs. Duck"

7.11. "Coyote's Adventures in Idaho"

7.12. "Creation of the Red and White Races"

7.13. "Eagle Stories"

7.14. "Grandfather Stories"

7.15. "How Bear Lost His Tail"

7.16. "How Corn Came to the Earth"

7.17. "How Coyote Stole Fire"

7.18. "How the Buffalo Were Released on Earth"

7.19. "How the Old Man Made People"

7.20. "How Rabbit Brought Fire to the People"

7.21. "How Rabbit Fooled Wolf"

7.22. "How the Rabbit Lost His Tail"

7.23. "Hunting of the Great Bear"

7.24. "In the Beginning"

7.25. "Mt. Shasta Grizzly Legend"

7.26. "Porcupine Hunts Buffalo"

7.27. "Puma and the Bear"

7.28. "Rabbit and Fox"

7.29. "Rabbit and Otter, The Bungling Host"

7.30. "Rabbit and The Coyote"

7.31. "Rabbit Calls a Truce"

7.32. "Rabbit shoots the Sun"

7.33. "Raven and His Grandmother"

7.34. "Raven's Great Adventure"

7.35. "Run, Rabbit, Run"

7.36. "Skunk Outwits Coyote"

7.37. "Tatanka Hunkesi : The Wisdom of Experience"

7.38. "The Ancient One"

7.39. "The Buffalo and the Field Mouse"

7.40. "The Buffalo Rock"

7.41. "The Comrades"

7.42. "The Falcon And The Duck"

7.43. "The First Moccasins"

7.44. "The Frogs And The Crane"

7.45. "The Hungry Fox and the Boastful Suitor"

7.46. "The Legend of the Bear Family"

7.47. "The Magic Arrows"

7.48. "The Raccoon and the Bee-Tree"

7.49. "The Runaways"

7.50. "The Snake with the Big Feet"

7.51. "The Story of Jumping Mouse"

7.52. "The Warm Wind Brothers vs. The Cold Wind Brothers"

7.53. "The White Faced Bear"

7.54. "The Wolf Dance"

7.55. "Turtle's Race With Bear"

7.56. "Two Fawns and a Rabbit"

7.57. "Warriors of the Rainbow"

7.58. Abnaki

7.58.1. "The Strange Origin of Corn"

7.59. Acoma/Laguna

7.59.1. "The Origin of Summer and Winter"

7.60. Aleuts

7.60.1. "The Origin of the Winds"

7.61. Algonquin

7.61.1. "Ableegumooch, the Lazy Rabbit"

7.61.2. "How Glooskap Found the Summer"

7.61.3. "Mooin, the Bear's Child"

7.62. Alta and Baja Tribes of California

7.62.1. "Cricket and Cougar"

7.63. Anishnabeg

7.63.1. "How the Fly Saved the River"

7.63.2. "The Man and the Ravens"

7.64. Apache

7.64.1. "Creation"

7.65. Blackfeet/Piegan

7.65.1. "Origin of the Sweat Lodge"

7.66. Blackfoot

7.66.1. "The Origins of the Buffalo Dance"

7.67. Caddo

7.67.1. "Buffalo Woman, A Story of Magic"

7.67.2. "The Twin Brothers"

7.68. Caraja, South America

7.68.1. "Tahina-Ca"

7.69. Chelan

7.69.1. "Creation of the First Indians"

7.70. Cherokee

7.70.1. "Bear Legend"

7.70.2. "Hero with the Horned Snakes"

7.70.3. "Little People of the Cherokee"

7.70.4. "Return of Ice Man"

7.70.5. "The First Fire"

7.70.6. "The Hunter & The Dakwa"

7.70.7. "The Legend of the Cedar Tree"

7.70.8. "The Origin of Game and of Corn"

7.70.9. "The Origin of Medicine"

7.70.10. "The Origin of Strawberries"

7.70.11. "Why the Opussum's Tail Is Bare"

7.71. Cheyenne

7.71.1. "How the Buffalo Hunt Began"

7.71.2. "Origin of the Buffalo"

7.71.3. "Race with Buffalo"

7.71.4. "Yellowstone Valley and the Great Flood"

7.72. Chickasaw

7.72.1. "Ghost of the White Deer"

7.73. Chippewa

7.73.1. "Great Serpent and the Great Flood"

7.74. Choctaw

7.74.1. "Grandmother Spider Steals the Fire"

7.75. Creek

7.75.1. "How Rabbit Fooled Alligator"

7.75.2. "White Potato Clan" Hitchiti-Mikasuki

7.76. Crow

7.76.1. "Old Man at the Beginning"

7.77. Crow and Hidatsa

7.77.1. "Origin of Tobacco"

7.78. Diguenos

7.78.1. "Creation"

7.79. Dine/Navajo

7.79.1. "At The Rainbow's End"

7.79.2. "Spider Rock"

7.80. Flathead

7.80.1. "Coyote and the Monsters of the Bitterroot Valley"

7.81. Hopi

7.81.1. "How the Great Chiefs Made the Moon and the Sun"

7.81.2. "How the Hopi Indians Reached Their World"

7.81.3. "Origin of the Clans"

7.82. Inuit

7.82.1. "The Origin of Light"

7.83. Jicarilla Apache

7.83.1. "Origin of Fire"

7.83.2. "Origin of the Animals"

7.84. Iroquois

7.84.1. "Battle With the Snakes"

7.84.2. "Origin of the Iroquois Nations"

7.85. Karuk

7.85.1. "Fire Race"

7.86. Kiowa

7.86.1. "Bears' Lodge"

7.87. Lakota

7.87.1. "Origin of the Lakota Peace Pipe"

7.88. Luiseño

7.88.1. "Dance of the Dead"

7.89. Makah

7.89.1. "When the Animals and Birds Were Created"

7.90. Maliseet

7.90.1. "Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg: Little People"

7.91. Mandan

7.91.1. "The Buffalo Dance"

7.92. Mayan

7.92.1. "Coyote and the Hen"

7.93. Mic Mac

7.93.1. "Creation"

7.93.2. "Rabbit and the Moon Man"

7.94. Miwok

7.94.1. "The Origin of Yosemite"

7.95. NezPrece/Nee-me-Poo

7.95.1. "Coyote And The Monster Of Kamiah"

7.95.2. "Yellow Jacket And Ant"

7.96. Ottawa

7.96.1. "Origin Of Our Tribal Flower -- The Trailing Arbutus"

7.96.2. "The Great Flood"

7.97. Paiute

7.97.1. "Why the North Star Stands Still"

7.98. Passamaquoddy

7.98.1. "Origin of the Medicine Man"

7.98.2. "The Origin of the Thunderbird"

7.99. Pima

7.99.1. "The Flood on Superstition Mountain"

7.100. Salish

7.100.1. "The Great Flood"

7.101. Sanpoils

7.101.1. "Coyote's Salmon"

7.102. Seminole

7.102.1. "Men Visit the Sky"

7.103. Seneca

7.103.1. "Godasiyo the Woman Chief"

7.103.2. "Seek Your Father"

7.104. Shasta

7.104.1. "Why Mount Shasta Erupted"

7.105. Sioux

7.105.1. "A Little Brave And The Medicine Woman"

7.105.2. "Story Of The Lost Wife"

7.105.3. "The Artichoke And The Muskrat"

7.105.4. "The Forgotten Ear Of Corn"

7.105.5. "The Four Brothers; Or Inyanhoskila (Stone Boy)"

7.105.6. "The Hermit", Or "The Gift Of Corn"

7.105.7. "The Mysterious Butte"

7.105.8. "The Pet Donkey"

7.105.9. "The Resuscitation of the only Daughter"

7.105.10. "The Story Of The Pet Crane"

7.105.11. "The Unktomi (Spider), Two Windows, And The Red Plums"

7.105.12. "Unktomi And The Arrowheads"

7.106. Squamish

7.106.1. "The Legend of Wountie"

7.107. Tuskegee

7.107.1. "Origin of Earth"

7.108. Yokut

7.108.1. "California Creation Lore"

7.109. Yosemite

7.109.1. "Origin of Tu-Tok-A-Nu-La"

7.110. Yuchi

7.110.1. "In the Beginning"

8. Greek

8.1. Aristotle

8.1.1. "Politics"

8.2. Hesiod

8.2.1. "Theogony"

8.2.2. "Works and Days"

8.3. Homer

8.3.1. "Iliad"

8.3.2. "Odyssey"

8.4. Plato

8.4.1. "Critias"

8.4.2. "Republic"

8.4.3. "Timaeus"

8.5. "Digenes Akritas"

8.6. "Hermetica"

8.7. "Histories" (Herodotus)

8.8. "Septuagint"

9. Roman

9.1. "Ab Urbe Condita Libri"

9.2. "Aeneid"

9.3. "Brutus"

9.4. "Cassius Dio"

9.5. "Cato Maior de Senectute"

9.6. "Commentariolum Petitionis"

9.7. "De Divinatione"

9.8. "De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum"

9.9. "De Inventione"

9.10. "De Legibus"

9.11. "De Natura Deorum"

9.12. "De Natura Deorum"

9.13. "De Officiis"

9.14. "De Re Publica"

9.15. "Epitome de T. Livio Bellorum omnium annorum DCC Libri duo"

9.16. "Hortensius"

9.17. "Laelius de Amicitia"

9.18. "Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans"

9.19. "Moralia"

9.20. "Ῥωμαϊκὴ Ἀρχαιολογία (Rhōmaikē archaiologia, Roman Antiquities)"

9.21. "Rhetorica ad Herennium"

10. Masonic

10.1. "Ahiman Rezon"

10.2. "An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry (2 Volumes)"


10.4. "Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor"

10.5. "History of Freemasonry" by Albert Gallatin Mackey

10.6. "Les Statuts de Ratisbonne"

10.7. "Matthew Cooke Manuscript"

10.8. "Morals and Dogma" by Albert Pike

10.9. "The Constitutions of 1723"

10.10. "The Constitutions of 1738"

10.11. "The Constitutions of the Moderns"

10.12. "The Constitutions of the United Grand Lodge of England"

10.13. "The Halliwell Manuscript, or Regius Poem"

10.14. "The Kirkwall Scroll"

10.15. "The Origin of Masonic Ritual & Tradition"

11. Illuminati

11.1. "Apologie der Illuminaten"

11.2. "Apologie des Mißvergnügens und des Übels"

11.3. "Das Verbesserte System der Illuminaten"

11.4. "De Lapsu Academiarum Commentatio Politica"

11.5. "Der ächte Illuminat, oder die wahren, unverbesserten Rituale der Illuminaten"

11.6. "Die Leuchte des Diogenes"

11.7. "Diogenes Lamp (Tr. Amelia Gill) introduced by Sir Mark Bruback"

11.8. "Discours Philosophique sur les Frayeurs de la Mort"

11.9. "Einige Originalschriften des Illuminatenordens"

11.10. "Einleitung zu meiner Apologie"

11.11. "Geschichte der Vervollkommnung des menschlichen Geschlechts"

11.12. "Kurze Rechtfertigung meiner Absichten"

11.13. "Nachtrag zur Rechtfertigung meiner Absichten"

11.14. "Nachtrage von weitern Originalschriften"

11.15. "Pythagoras, oder Betrachtungen über die geheime Welt- und Regierungskunst"

11.16. "Schilderung der Illuminaten"

11.17. "Vollständige Geschichte der Verfolgung der Illuminaten in Bayern"

11.18. "Zweifel über die Kantischen Begriffe von Zeit und Raum"

11.19. "Über Materialismus und Idealismus"

11.20. "Über Wahrheit und sittliche Vollkommenheit"

11.21. "Über das Besteuerungs-System"

11.22. "Über die Gründe und Gewißheit der Menschlichen Erkenntniß"

11.23. "Über die Hindernisse der baierischen Industrie und Bevölkerung"

11.24. "Über die Kantischen Anschauungen und Erscheinungen"

11.25. "Über die Lehre von den Gründen und Ursachen aller Dinge"

11.26. "Über die Schrecken des Todes – eine philosophische Rede"

11.27. "Über die Selbsterkenntnis, ihre Hindernisse und Vorteile"

11.28. "Über die Staats-Ausgaben und Auflagen"

11.29. "Über die Zwecke oder Finalursachen"

12. Mayan

12.1. "Chilam Balam"

12.2. "Dresden Codex"

12.3. "Grolier Codex"

12.4. "Madrid Codex"

12.5. "Paris Codex"

12.6. "Popol-Vuh"

13. Asian

13.1. Chinese

13.1.1. The Classic of Mohism "Mozi"

13.1.2. The Classics of Confucianism 'The Four Books' "Analects" "Doctrine of the Mean" "Great Learning" "Mencius" 'The Five (6) Classics' "Book of History" "Book of Songs" "Classic of Music" "I Ching" 'Spring and Autumn Annals' 'The Three Rites' 'Other Confucian classics' "Erya" "Xiao Jing"

13.1.3. The Classics of Legalism "Book of Law" "Book of Lord Shang" "Guanzi" "Han Feizi" "Shenzi"

13.1.4. The Classics of Military Science "The Art of War" "The Methods of the Sima" "Thirty-Six Stratagems" "Three Strategies of Huang Shigong" "Wei Liaozi" "Wuzi"

13.1.5. The Classics of Taoism "Liezi" "Tao Te Ching" "Zhuangzi"

13.1.6. The Classics of the History of China "Guoyu" "Shan Hai Jing"

13.2. Japanese

13.2.1. "Hōjōki"

13.2.2. "Kojiki"

13.2.3. "Konjaku Monogatarishū"

13.2.4. "Man'yōshū"

13.2.5. "Nihon Shoki"

13.2.6. "Tale of the Bamboo Cutter"

13.2.7. "Tale of the Heike"

13.2.8. "Tsurezuregusa"

13.2.9. "Urashima Tarō"

14. Arabic

14.1. "Amir Arsalan"

14.2. Islamic

14.2.1. "Hadith"

14.2.2. "Kitab al-Miraj"

14.2.3. "Nahj al-Balagha"

14.2.4. "Quran"

14.3. "Layla and Majnun"

14.4. "Mu'allaqat"

14.5. "Mufaddaliyat"

14.6. "One Thousand and One Nights"

14.7. "The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight"

14.8. "The Ring of the Dove"

15. Mystical-Occult

15.1. "Advancement of Learning the New Atlantis"

15.2. "An Advanced Guide to Enochian Magick"

15.3. "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"

15.4. "Anacalypsis"

15.5. "Atlantis, the Antediluvian World"

15.6. "Azoth or The Star In The East"

15.7. "Beowulf"

15.8. "Beyond Good and Evil"

15.9. "Book of Soyga"

15.10. "Ceremonial Magic: The Power of Evocation"

15.11. "Codex Gigas"

15.12. "Codex Seraphinianus"

15.13. "Corpus Hermetica"

15.14. "Demonology (King James I)"

15.15. "Demonology and Devil-Lore"

15.16. "Devil Worship"

15.17. "Dogma Et Rituel De La Haute Magie"

15.18. "Enochian Dictionary (GMICALZOMA)"

15.19. "Enochian Sex Magick"

15.20. "Goetia"

15.21. "I-Ching (Crowley)"

15.22. "Malleus Maleficarum"

15.23. "Metatron's Wings"

15.24. "Necronomicon"

15.25. "Oedipus Aegyptiacus"

15.26. "Propaganda (1928)"

15.27. "Rohonc Codex"

15.28. "Rongorongo"

15.29. "Rosicrucians Real History" 1-4 by A.E. Waite

15.30. "Teachings of the Initiate"

15.31. "The Apocalypse Unsealed"

15.32. "The Devil's Dictionary"

15.33. "The Hierophant"

15.34. "The History of Initiation"

15.35. "The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus"

15.36. "The Lost Keys of Masonry"

15.37. "The Mabinogion"

15.38. "The Magical Message According to Ioannes"

15.39. "The Mystery of Magic"

15.40. "The Occult Anatomy of Man"

15.41. "The Perennial Philosophy"

15.42. "The Pythagorean Order of Death"

15.43. "The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception"

15.44. "The Satanic Bible"

15.45. "The Secret Destiny of America"

15.46. "The Secret Doctrine"

15.47. "The Secret Teaching of All Ages"

15.48. "The Theory and Practice of Mysticism"

15.49. "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"

15.50. "Three Books of Occult Philosophy, or of Magick"

15.51. "Voynich Manuscript"

15.52. "Z-5 Secret Teachings of the Golden Dawn"

16. Ancient Libraries

16.1. Ebla

16.2. Ugarit

16.3. Ashurbanipal

16.4. Academy of Gondishapur

16.5. House of Wisdom

16.6. Alexandria

16.7. Library of Pergamum

16.8. Villa of the Papyri

16.9. Theological Library of Caesarea Maritima

16.10. Imperial Library of Constantinople

16.11. Library of Celsus