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Geography by Mind Map: Geography

1. Tests

1.1. Not very Hard

1.2. Basic

2. Teacher

2.1. Mrs. Kitching

2.1.1. Funny

2.1.2. Kind

2.1.3. Hardworking

2.1.4. Qualified

2.1.5. Smart

3. Projects

3.1. Fun

3.2. Big part of our grades

3.3. Long

3.4. Complicated

3.5. Requires a lot of research

3.6. Has to be presented in an orderly manner

4. Reading

4.1. At least read one section every class

4.2. We usually do class reading

5. Quality course

5.1. We took a glance all over the world

5.1.1. Africa N. Africa Central Africa Sahel West coast South Africa

5.1.2. N. America USA Canada Mexico

5.1.3. S. America Brazil Argentina The rest

5.1.4. How the world has changed Comunication and transportation