Rubric Tree for Argumentative Essay

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Rubric Tree for Argumentative Essay by Mind Map: Rubric Tree for Argumentative Essay

1. Beginning

1.1. Developing

1.1.1. Applying Extending

2. argument

2.1. argument is relevant to the topic, and one side is clearly chosen

2.1.1. Logos: the logic of the argument is externally sound (reasonable within the world) and internally consistent (reasonable within the essay) Logos+: some subtle, surprising, and powerful connections are made between ideas. Logos+: The argument against your chosen side is fairly addressed and logically refuted in a comprehensive manner.

2.1.2. Pathos: the argument appeals to the emotional intelligence of the reader. Argument is made on a human scale (referring to people, not just the populace). Pathos+: The reader is brought to a place of true empathy with the writer, or their subject/s through evocative (but not heavy-handed) use of language. Pathos+: The reader is brought to a heightened emotional state by the essay.

2.1.3. Ethos: the character of the speaker is presented as ethical; of good moral standing. Ethos+: The speaker is presented as being beyond reproach. Ethos+: The speaker is presented as being very knowledgeable on the subject. Ethos+: By disagreeing with the speaker, the reader is in danger of ostracizing themselves from their ideological community.

3. structure

3.1. Introductory paragraph

3.1.1. The topic is introduced clearly, in a timely fashion. Pertinent background is provided so that the reader can understand the logic and implications of the argument.

3.1.2. The thesis of the argument is stated

3.1.3. A comprehensive "map," or plan for the argument is laid out early in the essay to assist the reader.

3.2. at least two body paragraphs

3.2.1. Body Paragraphs have an obvious topic, and do not stray far from it.

3.2.2. Body paragraph topics relate to the main topic, and the thesis.

3.2.3. The order of the body paragraphs follows the plan laid out early on for the reader.

3.3. concluding paragraph

3.3.1. Connections are made between ideas to convince the reader.

3.3.2. The conclusion should be a remix of the thesis, augmented or informed by the facts laid down in the essay.

4. style and conventions

4.1. Care has been paid to grammar and spelling.

4.1.1. Consistent tense and perspective

4.2. A consistent, professional style is employed throughout the essay

4.2.1. a balance is struck between a casual or flippant tone and academic detachment.