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1. How Information Systems are Transforming Business

1.1. -Mobile Digital Platform

1.2. -Real Time news update

1.3. New federal security and accounting laws

2. What's new in Management Information Systems

2.1. Technology

2.1.1. cloud computing

2.1.2. mobile digital platform

2.2. Management

2.2.1. business intelligence

2.2.2. online collaboration and social networking software

2.3. Organizations

2.3.1. social businesses

2.3.2. telework

3. Strategic Business Objectives of Information Systems

3.1. Growing Interdependence between ability to use IT and to implement corporate strategies and achieve corporate goals

3.2. Achieve strategic business objectives

3.2.1. Operational Intelligence Improvement of efficiency to attain higher profitability

3.2.2. New Products, Services and Business Model How company produces, delivers, and sells product or service to create wealth

3.2.3. Customer and Supplier Intimacy Serving Customers well leads them to return increasing revenue and profits

3.2.4. Improved Decision Making Managers use forecast, best guesses, and luck and results in poor response time

3.2.5. Competitive Advantage Delivering better performance

3.2.6. Survival Information technologies as necessity of business

4. What is information system

4.1. A set of interrelated components

4.2. Collect, process, store, distribute information

4.3. Data - Raw facts

4.4. Information - Data shaped into meaningful form

4.5. Activities : INPUT, PROCESS, OUTPUT

5. Dimensions of Information Systems

5.1. Organizations

5.1.1. Hierarchy of authority, responsiblity

5.1.2. Separation of business function

5.1.3. Unique business culture

5.2. Management

5.2.1. Managers set organizational strategy for responding to business challenges

5.3. Technology

5.3.1. Computer, hardware and software

5.3.2. Data management technology

6. Business Perspective on Information Systems

6.1. Business Information value chain

6.1.1. raw data acquired and transformed through stages that add value to the information

6.2. Investing in IT does not guarantee good returns

7. Contemporary Approaches

7.1. Technical Approach

7.1.1. Emphasize mathematically base models

7.2. Behavioural Approach

7.2.1. Psychology, economics and sociology