10 Things to give up if you want to succeed be successful

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10 Things to give up if you want to succeed be successful by Mind Map: 10 Things to give up if you want to succeed be successful

1. 4. Fear of Failure

1.1. Fear by itself is not bad

2. 5. Playing Small

2.1. 10x Rule

3. 10. Mental Weakness

3.1. I am not going to mince words here - I am not going to sugarcoat anything

3.2. The reason you are not succeeding is because you are operating like a mental weakling

3.2.1. The obstacles are stopping you!

3.2.2. The pressure is deflating you

3.2.3. The fear is stopping you

3.2.4. You are allowing nervousness to trick you into inaction

3.2.5. The obstacles are overwhelming you

3.3. You are operating like a victim in this world

3.4. Let me ask you this - What is the difference between a candle and a Forest fire?

3.4.1. A candle is blown out in face of a very mild wind

3.4.2. But a Forest fire .... IT is inflamed in face of winds In fact, the stronger the winds, the stronger the fire gets

3.4.3. You have to choose to be a forest fire not a candle Become a forest fire my friend. Become a forest fire

3.5. Grit

3.5.1. Dr Angela Duckworth

3.5.2. Research Westpoint academy Elite military academy in the world What makes cadets succeed or fail?

3.6. Meditations

3.6.1. Marcus Aurelius: "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."

3.6.2. Obstacles are here to help you become stronger

3.6.3. Obstacles are here to help you get ahead

3.6.4. They become the fuel to your fire But you have to WORK Become a forest fire... not a candle

3.7. You are probably wondering - Well how do I become mentally tougher?

3.7.1. It is possible to become mentally indestructible.... there are strategies to do exactly that. You don't have strategies The problem is that .... You don't have the mental tools to become mentally tougher Go find them Download my 10 Point mental toughness checklist - 10 strategies to handle any life challenge.

4. 7. Being Reactive

4.1. 7 Habits of highly effective people

5. Books Referred

5.1. Sam Walton

5.2. Elon Musk

5.3. 10x Rule

5.4. Michael Phelps

5.5. Michael Jordan

5.6. Feel the fear

5.7. Resilience

5.8. Grit

5.9. Compound Effect

5.10. Never Eat Alone

5.11. Magic of Thinking Big

5.12. Think and Grow Rich

5.13. Outwitting the Devil Within

5.14. Mindset

5.15. On the shortness of life

5.16. Feeling Good

5.17. Be obsessed or be average

5.18. How to be rich

6. Your comfort zone

6.1. Feel the fear and do it anyways

6.2. You must give up your comfort zone

6.3. Stop playing safe

7. 9. Your present Identity

7.1. Tony Robbins

7.1.1. The most powerful force in human nature is our identity

7.1.2. We stay consistent with our identity Whether that is good or bad is up to you

7.1.3. Our results are always consistent with Who we think we are in that pursuit Winner Loser Millionaire Billionaire Broke

7.1.4. So whatever it is you want to succeed at what is your identity in that area? Do you see yourself as a winner? Do you see yourself struggling with it?

7.2. Resilience - Navy Seal Eric Grietens

7.2.1. 99% people are run by feelings Feelings -> Action -> Identity

7.2.2. We must Identity -> Action -> Feelings

7.2.3. We must define who we want to become

7.2.4. That will define the actions for us

7.2.5. That will define our feelings

7.2.6. Ancient greeks Actors used to put on the mask Over time they became that character

7.3. Psycho cybernetics - one of the greatest self help classics by a plastic surgeon

7.3.1. Our self image defines the limits of what we will accomplish in our lives

7.3.2. You may set big goals If your self image does not believe it is possible You will keep failing at it

7.3.3. So it is imperative to change your self image - your identity

7.3.4. Redefine your self identity I am a winner I am successful Act as if Feel as if

7.4. Total Recall - Arnold

7.4.1. Don't think about what you need to do

7.4.2. Instead think of who you want to become

7.4.3. And you will figure out what to do as a result of it

7.5. Think and Grow Rich

7.5.1. Acting as if

7.5.2. How would you act if you had already accomplished the goal

7.5.3. Who would you be?

7.5.4. Do that right now Dont wait till the goal is accomplished to be that person. Act as if TODAY

8. 2. Negative People, Cynical people and people who have no ambition

8.1. Jim Rohn

8.1.1. We are the average of the 5 people In every area of life Health Wealth Relationships

8.1.2. Take a hard look

8.2. Compound Effect

8.2.1. Darren Hardy

8.2.2. The subtle effect of influences Initially - too hard to notice Over time - too hard to break those influences

8.3. Never Eat Alone

8.3.1. Learn how to Connect with good people Build networks Inner game and how to implement it.

8.3.2. Towards the end of the video I will give you an ACTION checklist - simple guide you can implement tomorrow.

9. 1. Your Excuses

9.1. 1.

10. 1. Indecision

10.1. 1. Think and Grow Rich

10.1.1. The biggest cause of failure = Indecision

10.1.2. Decide what you want

10.1.3. GO after it with all you've got

10.1.4. You don't need the perfect plan But you do need to decide Plans will evolve over time

10.1.5. The key to success is Definiteness of purpose What you want Not definiteness of plans

10.1.6. Successful people Reach decisions quickly Change them slowly

10.2. 2. Outwitting the Devil Within

10.2.1. The biggest reason why people surrender to the devil within DRIFTING They find no success

10.2.2. Drifting No aims No specific goals Inability to make decisions on the course of life you desire

11. 6. Notion that SUCCESS will be easy for you because you have talent, skills, smarts or intelligence

11.1. Undefeated Mind

11.1.1. Dr Alex Lickerman

11.1.2. Want to accomplish great things?

11.1.3. Tell yourself It is going to be 10x harder Than what you think it is going to be

11.2. Going through hardships is part of the journey - no matter how talented you are

11.2.1. Elon Musk It has not been an easy journey at all He was very close to bankruptcy in 2008 Almost about to loose Tesla and Space X

11.2.2. Michael Jordan Greatest basketball player ever "I can't accept not trying" Was cut from his high school basketball team

11.3. Mindset

11.3.1. Dr Carol Dweck

11.3.2. Fixed Mindset You can accomplish something because you have talent or skills in that area You don't need to work hard Effort is bad - because you are gifted

11.3.3. Growth Mindset No matter how much talent or skill I have - I will have to work hard and constantly grow myself. That is the path to success Effort is good

11.3.4. Fixed It will be easy or I should do something else

11.3.5. Growth It will be hard But I can handle it I can grow and get better

11.4. Give up the notion that it will be easy

11.4.1. Embrace the idea that it will be HARD work

11.4.2. It will be very tough

11.4.3. It will be gut wrenching

11.4.4. It will take more hard work than you ever imagined

11.5. Paradox

11.5.1. Once you know it is going to be HARD It becomes easy

11.5.2. Because once you accept that You don't fight the struggle You keep going You go through the tough times Because you expect them

11.6. Tony Robbins Seminar

11.6.1. The biggest problem you have is that you think you should not have problems

11.6.2. The size of your life is directly proportional to the size of the problems you can handle in life.

12. Thinking that You don't have what it takes to be successful

12.1. This is insidious

12.2. This is a cop-out

12.2.1. You are just deceiving yourself

12.3. It's not that you don't have what it takes

12.3.1. It's that you are not working what you have

12.3.2. You are not taking action

12.4. If you can watch this video - you have what it takes

12.5. You don't need more talent or smarts

12.5.1. You can grow yourself

12.6. But what you don't have is the courage to ACT

12.6.1. Courage to try

12.6.2. Courage to fail

12.7. You are just playing scared in life

12.8. You have everything

12.8.1. What is missing is massive, insane, herculean, consistent hard work


12.9.1. carol dweck

12.9.2. Growth Mindset

12.9.3. Fixed Mindset

13. 3. Amateur Ways

13.1. Turning Pro

13.1.1. Want greatness? Give up your amateur ways Become a PRO

13.1.2. Difference between Amateur and Pro Their Habits Amateurs = amateur habits Pros= Pro Habits

13.1.3. What do Pros do? No matter what is happening, they put in the hard work. They do what is necessary

13.1.4. You are hurt? You still play

13.1.5. You are tired? You play

13.1.6. You are not ready You play

13.2. Elon Musk Biography

13.2.1. I work 100+ hours a week

13.2.2. If you work 50 hours a week, I will accomplish in 1 yr what you will in 2 years.

13.2.3. By sheer hard work, I will beat you

13.2.4. When he started his first startup Didnt even rent an apartment Used to sleep under his desk at office Worked hard all day

13.3. Sam Walton

13.3.1. Made in America

13.3.2. Even after he was a billionaire 16 hours a day, 7 days a week Used to show up to work at 2:30 AM on Saturday mornings

13.4. Michael Phelps

13.4.1. Biography - "No Limits - The Will to succeed"

13.4.2. 1998-203 5 years Practiced every single day Only 3 days off from practice Prom Snowstorm Wisdom Tooth removal

13.5. Ask yourself

13.5.1. How pro are you?

13.5.2. How pro are your Work habits?

13.5.3. How pro are your habits in the area you want to succeed in?

14. 1. Blaming your circumstances

14.1. 1. Magic of thinking Big

14.1.1. 1. Napoleon Hill: Attack, I say attack. I make circumstance

15. 4. Low Standards

15.1. Tony Robbins

15.1.1. If you want to succeed, raise your standards.

15.1.2. We all meet our standards Whether High or LOW

15.1.3. In every area of life Health Wealth Relationships

15.1.4. Low standard Mediocrity

15.2. 3. When we raise our standards, when we raise the bar for ourselves, we always find the way to meet that bar.

15.2.1. 4. But until we raise our standards we continue to suffer in mediocrity

15.3. Think and Grow Rich

15.3.1. Burn the boats

15.3.2. Raise your standards to the point that you have basically said.... I will never accept that lower standard.

15.4. 1. 10x Rule

15.4.1. You must think 10x bigger

15.4.2. Not just 2x or 3x But 10x bigger

15.4.3. 10x goals Small goals do not inspire Small goals do not get us to want to take massive action 10x problems 10x challenges

15.5. Magic of Thinking Big

15.5.1. Think Bigger every day

15.5.2. The greatest human weakness is selling oneself short

15.5.3. The price tag the world puts on us is the same as what we put on ourselves

15.5.4. Your standards are like a thermostat for your achievement If your standards are low You get them If your standards are high You get them

15.5.5. Size of your life = size of your thinking Think big goals Win big Think small goals Win small Choice is yours Big thinking and big plans are not any more difficult than small thinking and small plans. In fact they can actually be easier because you can enroll the power of others

15.6. Becoming Unreasonable in life

15.6.1. Demand it from life

16. 7. Slavery to your feelings

16.1. 99% of people are slaves to their feelings

16.1.1. They dont harness the power of their feelings and emotions

16.1.2. Instead they allow their feelings to run their lives

16.2. You have to stop being a slave to your feelings

16.2.1. You are fearful

16.2.2. You feel tired?

16.2.3. You feel overwhelmed

16.2.4. You feel scared, nervous, anxious?

16.3. You can do that

16.4. You don't become numb to your feelings

16.4.1. You learn how to harness the power of your feelings to your advantage.

16.4.2. Good or bad You can harness the power inherent in those feelings to your advantage

16.5. 7 Habits of highly effective people

16.5.1. Habit #1 - To be proactive To act in alignment with our values - not our feelings Motivation is a feeling Dont depend on it Fear is a feeling Don't surrender to it Anxiety and nervousness Don't let them stop you Not feeling like working hard Just a feeling

16.5.2. Learn to ACT - no matter how you feel

16.6. Feeling Good - Dr Burns

16.6.1. Cognitive behavioral therapy

16.6.2. No matter how you are feeling They all started with a thought Change your thoughts and you can change your feelings Change what you are thinking

16.7. Feel the fear and do it anyways

16.7.1. You may feel fear

16.7.2. Buy you must take action any ways

16.7.3. You feel it.... you don't surrender to it

16.7.4. Courage is not the absence of fear

16.7.5. It is "Taking ACTION" in face of fear

16.8. A lot of people wait around for that feeling of motivation or inspiration

16.8.1. 1. A really bad strategy for success. Motivation never falls in your lap

16.8.2. 2. Progress is the best motivator 3. Action is the best way to create progress Action creates confidence

16.8.3. Motivation is not a strategy It is a feeling We can not be at the mercy of our feelings

16.8.4. We must act no matter how we feel

17. 5.Dreaming, Hoping and Wishing

17.1. You need a Burning Desire

17.1.1. An obsession

17.1.2. Anything else will not work

17.2. 2. Wishing and Hoping

17.2.1. Tony Robbins Hope is the battle cry of the WIMP - Tony Robbins

17.2.2. 2. Stop Wishing. Stop Hoping. 1. Decide that you have to be successful. Decide that it must happen

17.2.3. 3. When you want success as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful

17.3. Think and Grow Rich

17.3.1. There is a reason why it is the 1st chapter in the greatest self help books of all time It is the 1st step towards all great achievements

17.3.2. Here is what he said in the book: "A burning desire to be, and to do is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition."

17.3.3. One of the most important keys to success is a burning desire Not an ordinary desire Not hope or wish

17.3.4. Why do we need a burning desire? Because ordinary desires do not enroll the immense power of our sub-conscious mind We need to harness the power of SCM in order to do great things We need to burn with that desire

17.3.5. Your sub-conscious mind needs to be charged up with that burning desire To the point that nothing matters

17.4. Be Obsessed or be average - Grant Cardone

17.4.1. The title of the book is an absolute truth

17.4.2. Great Success requires a crazy obsession

17.4.3. Otherwise we are mired in mediocrity

17.4.4. If you are not accomplishing big goals You are obsessed about the wrong things.

17.5. How to be Rich - Felix Dennis

17.5.1. Compulsion is very different from desire. A person with compulsion says, “I will do whatever it takes to get to this goal. I will do whatever it takes to get to this dream, to this destination that I'm after.” Compulsion is much more intense than just a regular desire.

17.5.2. Most people have hopes and wishes and dreams But you need compulsion

18. 8. Waiting for the perfect opportunity

19. 9. Perfectionism

19.1. 1. Its actually just fear that’s masked as perfectionism

19.2. How to be an imperfectionist

20. 8. Sense of complacency

20.1. 7. Waiting for the PERFECT time to take action

20.1.1. 1. Now is the only time you have

20.2. 4. The idea that Somehow, Someday it will all work out

20.2.1. 1. It will not happen Dreams don't just come true

20.2.2. Insidious Notion Someday One day

20.2.3. Someday never comes, my friend

20.2.4. You succeed because you gave it everything Not because it just happened

20.2.5. 10x Rule Success is your duty Success is your responsibility You have to pursue success You have to go after it

20.2.6. Be Obsessed or be average You have to obsess about it If you are not obsessing about it You are getting mediocre results You have to pursue success relentlessly Be Obsessed or be average Commit now - Figure it out later Create a sense of urgency in your life

20.2.7. Give up that entitlement mentality You are smart, intelligent etc

20.3. Develop a maniacal sense of URGENCY

20.3.1. NOW

20.3.2. FAST

20.4. You feel that you have all the time in the world

20.5. Every day, we are moving one day closer to death

20.6. Seneca said in the book "On the shortness of life":

20.6.1. We act like mortals in face of all that we fear and

20.6.2. We act like immortals in face of all that we desire

20.6.3. We have to invert that

20.6.4. What happens when we act like immmortals in face of all that we desire? We feel we have infinite time We become compacent

20.6.5. We must act like mortals in face of all that we desire We dont have enough time Time is running out We need a sense of urgency

20.6.6. What happens when we act mortal in face of all that we fear? We don't attack our fears We don't try to conquer them We don't expand our comfort zones.

20.6.7. We have to act like we are immortals in face of all that we fear So we take action in face of fear So that we courageously move forward without fearing the repurcussions

20.7. We must develop this insane sense of URGENCY

20.7.1. SPEED

20.7.2. Do it NOW

20.7.3. DOn't wait

20.7.4. Dont second guess Time is running out

20.8. Magic of Thinking Big

20.8.1. We must develop the attacking mindset

20.8.2. Action and Attack are very underrated.

20.8.3. Action precedes action

20.8.4. "NOW" is the magic word for success

20.8.5. Tomorrow, sometime, later etc are the synonyms of NEVER - and that leads to failure

20.8.6. Dont wait. Attack NOW

21. Count down ideas 10 to 1

21.1. 1 is mental weakness

21.2. 10 is indecision

21.3. Number Audio to modify

21.3.1. 1. The first thing you have to give up Coming up at number 10 is

21.3.2. 2. is good

21.3.3. 3. So the 3rd thing Instead of 3rd - make it the NEXT

21.3.4. 4. Is good

21.3.5. 5. is good

21.3.6. 6. Is good

21.3.7. 7. is good

21.3.8. 8. is good

21.3.9. 9. is good

21.3.10. 10. The most important thing