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Quizlet by Mind Map: Quizlet

1. Learn

2. Write

3. Spell

4. Match

5. Gravity

6. Test

7. The teacher can help the students understand why they got questions wrong

8. Goal of the flash cards is that student will be able to make their own flash cards to study at home or in the classroom

9. Students can share their flash cards with other student in the classroom or the students can study together. The students can give each other spell tests through the flashcards with their spell list for that week

10. The teacher can make sure the students are on task and if they can not get some of the flashcards, the teacher can tell them to go back to the learn portion

11. Students will be able to learn concepts using all the teaching style online in their own home. Can assign students with homework with quizlet.

12. The teachers can take the scores from these practice tests and help the students review what the students need work on

13. Fun way for students to learn the topic through a game rather than through a text book

14. Flash Cards

15. Goal of match is that the students will know the definition of the words and be able to match the cards that go together

16. Goal of Gravity is the student will know the exact answers, including how they are spelled, to the question. Have to have them answered before the meteor question hits the planet

17. Goal of a test is to test the students to see if they have comprehended the information. Teachers are able to evaluate and see if their students are learning the content

18. The teacher can help the students sound out words to help them be able to spell the words. Example is teaching Kindergartners how to spell the word apple.

19. Goal of write is to test the students ability to remember the question that goes with the answer. A jeopardy style of learning the subject. Students will receive the answers and then have to give the question that goes with the answer

20. The teacher can walk around and make sure the students are engaged in their work and they can make sure they are available when help is needed

21. Goal of Learn is by guiding the students to an effective studying using spaced repetition and then adapting in real-time as they make progress

22. Teachers can have large group game sessions where the classmates take turns on the smart board answering the questions

23. Teachers can go around and make sure the students have a time lower than 30 secs and if not the teacher can send them back to the learn tab so they can get make practice

24. Students are able to test themselves to see if they truly know the content by hearing someone talk about it. This would be a good example for Spanish classes or Elementary classrooms learning a language

25. Students take an online assessment to see if they understand English concepts

26. Students are able to learn about their content through visual repetition. Example is that they can match words to their definitions.

27. Goal of Spell is to test the students ability to recognize the concept through hearing than reading the concepts on a screen. Computer will ask the question then the student will have to answer based on what they heard

28. Teachers can either make up a quizlet assessment or they can browse for quizlet topics that they can share with their students

29. Allows the students to have a deeper understanding of the topic. The students have to be able to write out the questions or the answers so they can not keep throwing answers together to just get through the topic. Have to understand the topic in order to get through the write portion