Mozilla - SoftVision Team

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Mozilla - SoftVision Team by Mind Map: Mozilla - SoftVision Team

1. Good Stuff

1.1. Good working transparent communication

1.2. Initiative

1.3. AI: ramp-up inside the team

1.4. AI: File all issues

1.5. Feature ownership

1.6. Involved in Test Day

1.7. Spirit & Energy of the team - Passion

1.8. Acces to information & changes

1.9. Team growth

1.10. Scrum Pads - good idea

1.11. Flexibility

1.12. Respected ETAs

1.13. Ideas are taken into account

1.14. Availability to answering Questions

1.15. Trust increase

1.16. Updates on Wiki's

1.17. Responsiveness

1.18. Attention & focus on indication from Mozilla

1.19. Grown to understand the project, business

1.20. Thouroughness - details on information provided

1.21. Perseverence

2. To improve

2.1. Few people on IRC (time-zone problem)

2.2. Communication on Automation side

2.3. Mozilla specific IRC primer - would help

2.4. Guidelines about what to do and ehen (pioritization of task)

2.5. Attend more meetings

2.6. Repeatable tasks

2.7. Ramp-up documents & test specs on Automation (i.e. tests from done examples, tasks should be be more specific)

2.8. Features changing overnight - OWNER to update the spec, as a solution - watching the wiki page

2.9. WinXP tests take to much time - compatibility issues

2.10. Involvment

2.11. Litmus tests should be updated by the owner

2.12. SV to take ownership on inactive things: AI - Mozilla will provide access.

2.13. New TestCase management System in work by Mozilla

2.14. Improve rating of Fennec on Android market

2.15. FYI:

2.16. Have on the current QA Wiki pages - the official info - to be gathered on ScrumPads

2.17. For features that don't have UseCases - SV team should take initiative and create UC

2.18. More involvement in the Automation comunity - P2PU - the basics of Selenium - focused more on WebQA - David to improve Automation area

2.19. AI: Once a month Automation Test Day

2.20. Info of who's in charge of different areas - S: follow the bugs, see who's in charge; care about what's your projects about, observe through time the people involvment - and when updating the page in Litmus provide this list as well

2.21. What means to own a feature: a set of responsibilities to be defined: start interact with the guys who construted Panorama

2.22. Mozilla's growth poses new challenges

2.23. increase initiative

2.24. Don't ask for permition - just do it and ask for feedback

2.25. Interact with a lot of mozilians to communicate

2.26. Communicate closer with developers - their feedback is valuable

2.27. Follow-trough - investigation through a bug should be followed up all the way

2.28. Using ScrumPads more efficient - to improve communication

2.29. More responsibility for the team

2.30. Have initiative when starting new tasks - not just wait for juan's/Tony's emails

2.31. Identify things important/non-important to test on

2.32. SCRUM PADS - very important to be used efifeciently