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My Portfolio MindMap by Mind Map: My Portfolio MindMap

1. Standard 1. Reading: Word Recognition/Vocabulary building

1.1. Standard 1. Reading


1.3. This shows some of my vocabulary building skills for World History. I know I may not have the best vocabulary all of the time but I still try my hardest.

2. Standard 2. Comprehension and Analysis of Fictional Text

2.1. English 10


2.3. This work is for Sophomore English. We had to read a fable from Aesop and rewrite it. In rewriting it I had to understand a significant amount of it. It all leads back to my vocabulary. I feel like I should improve on both of these things.

3. Standard 10


3.2. This piece of writing shows not only my ability to find facts and understand them but also writing an essay stating my opinion about it.

4. Standard 7 Listening and Speaking.

4.1. English 10


4.3. This interview shows my ability to hold a professional conversation. Also it shows my vocabulary skills and sentence structure. This whole assignment applies to technology and communication.

5. Standard 2. World Religions

5.1. World History


5.3. This powerpoint proves the understanding of the religion of Islam. Also shows the region of each area and how the people are affected along with traditions.

6. B.1.21

6.1. BioHealth


6.3. This project was called Baby No Baby. We had to be genetic counselors and teach people how traits are passed because of genes and the likely-hood of their child having a certain disease. This project goes with standard. B. 1. 21

7. Standard 4. Features and Processes

7.1. English 10


7.3. 10.7.4. This powerpoint is about Elijah McCoy and it showcases use of technology to enhance the learning experience of the viewer.

8. B.1.1-B.1.10

8.1. Biology


8.3. This link is a video to a project a few others and I did. It is about microbes, molecules, and cells.