Roniece's School Life: Sophomore Year

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Roniece's School Life: Sophomore Year by Mind Map: Roniece's School Life: Sophomore Year

1. Baby No Baby

1.1. B.1.21 Understand and explain that the information passed from parents to offspring is transmitted by means of genes which are coded in DNA molecules

1.2. Artifact

1.3. Reflection

2. Oppression Web page: Freedom of Expression

2.1. ELA 10.4.4 Use clear research questions and suitable research methods, including texts, electronic resources, and personal interviews, to compile and present evidence from primary and secondary print, or Internet sources.

2.2. Artifact

2.3. Reflection

3. Quadratic formula

3.1. A1.8.5 Derive the quadratic formula by completing the square.

3.2. Arifact

3.3. Reflection

4. School Supplies Posterboard

4.1. Standard

4.2. Artifact

4.3. Reflection

5. Running Sports Central

5.1. WD 2.1.2 Explain and demonstrate the principles of good web design. WD 2.1.3 Determine the purpose and target audience. WD 2.1.4 Evaluate webpage design and layout, with attention to the effective use of space, balance, symmetry, and color.

5.2. Artifact

5.3. Reflection

6. Personal Webpage

6.1. Reflection

7. 3 Essays

7.1. ELA 10.5.3 Write expository compositions, including analytical essays, summaries, descriptive pieces, or literary analyses.

7.2. Harmful or Helpful?

7.3. Success Essay

7.4. Opression Essay

7.5. Comparison


9. Concluding Piece