La Shea's Portfolio

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La Shea's Portfolio by Mind Map: La Shea's Portfolio

1. BioHealth NWEA Score

1.1. 9.3,10.1.1

1.2. I currently dont know my score for this subject, because I forgotten my score, and I didn't collect the information for it.

1.3. Biohealth score unknown

2. Math NWEA Score

2.1. 10.5.4

2.2. 236 is the goal I have to reach.

2.3. NWEA score helped determine which grade level that I'm on. By looking at the information. Math is my lowest point. I need help so I can get my score at 9th or 10th grade level so I can suceed.

3. WH/Eng Service Learning Project Essay

3.1. Standard -10.5.4 Organize ideas and appeals in a sustained and effective fashion with the strongest emothionalappeal first and the least powerful one last.

3.2. Service Essay

3.3. This us the essay I had done in english class. On every essay I've done I gotten a five out of six.

4. Reading/Eng NWEA Score

4.1. 10.2.5

4.2. My reading score is also bad, But its not because I dont read well. It's because I loss focus and get tired of reading something that's not interesting to me. I know I'm a good reader, just need help on staying focus.

4.3. 228

5. ALL ABOUT ME (Personal Artifacts)

6. Introduction

7. BioHealth "DNA in the Courtrooom "

7.1. Standard 10.1.1 Understand the vocabulary in subject are reading. SWLOs Technology and Citzenship

7.2. DNA Powerpoint ...

7.3. BioHealth project that a partner an I worked on. We had to create a pamphlet and a powerpoint. The information contain two genetic topics,evidence, ways they its unique, and work cited. I never got a chance to presnet the following information. But we still knew we did a good job on it.

8. BioHealth "Gentic Disorder"

8.1. 9.3,9.4

8.2. Disorders

8.3. This project we was given a couple with genetic disorders that wants children.We had to become genetic counslors and explain to the teacher which was the couples if their children would have the disorders. We had to create pedigrees and punnett squares to explain the generations of there disorders.

9. English Interim

9.1. Standard-10.2.5 Make resonable statements and draw conclusions about a text supporting them with accurate examples. Standard-10.2.4 Evaluate an author's arguement or defense of a claim by examining the relationship between generalizations and evidence etc...

9.2. Interim 5A

9.3. On this interim i had recieved a really good score. As a result my english teacher and the princinple gave all of students who gotten a 80% or higher an hour lunch.

10. Math Test

10.1. 80%

10.2. The beginnig of the school I have had trouble with math. But over time and the math teach I have (Mr.Mack), I learned that he teaches math that I can understand.

10.3. Work ethic, Communication