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Students mental well-being by Mind Map: Students mental well-being

1. Culture

1.1. international students

1.1.1. Approximately 44% of international graduate students responded that they had had an emotional or stress-related problem that significantly affected their well-being or academic performance within the past year.

1.1.2. Given the evidence that the demands for cultural adjustments frequently place international students at greater risk for various psychological problems than are students in general

2. Ethics

2.1. dependence on estimates

2.1.1. . I was so anxious about my grades. Because I was used to being a high-performing student, I couldn’t take small steps. I needed to jump in, and I needed to get an A

2.2. bad habits

2.2.1. it's possible that students who have bad sleep habits also have other bad habits that are the reasons behind their poor grades and

3. Science and tehcnology

3.1. influence of technoloies on teenagers

3.1.1. violence, psychologycal problems

4. Social

4.1. sleep schedules

4.1.1. irregular sleep For the study, 61 students from Harvard College kept online diaries of their sleep schedules for 30 days. There were irregular and regular sleepers. there was conclusion of an affect of sleep on health and grades.

4.1.2. sleep disorders

4.2. pressure in school/university

4.2.1. My depression and anxiety started some time before I came to university, but leaving home, being in an extremely taxing social environment and being under large academic pressure all took their toll on me

4.3. vurnerable

4.3.1. anxiety

4.3.2. depression Some students spoke of diagnosed conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder, which were caused by many causes.

4.3.3. disorders