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Cody's mind map by Mind Map: Cody's mind map
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Cody's mind map

World oppression and slavery

Investigating the history of slavery

World history reading assignment

Oppresion essays 10.2; 10.3; 10.4; 10.5 (specifically 5.1)


This project was amazing.I got to learn stuff i never knew about slavery.I also never knew how harsh it was for the slaves to live their life. I had to write essays about slavery and how it was like but for some reason I couldn't find them to link it to this topic. I never realized how camps these slaves went to were that harsh and devestating. The part that I think is the worst is how they seperated families like they were throwing away a piece of paper.  


Google sketch up


This project was very difficult for me.In this project I had to create a sketch of a coffee shop back in the renaissance time using a program called google sketch up.The project was so hard for me because I had never used google sketch up before and i had to learn how to do everything piece by piece. James Weisman who was also in my group had to do a newer version of a coffee shop to show the difference.  

The industrial revolution

Group invention chart

Invention group packet

WH.6.6 WH.9.1 WH.9.2 WH.9.3


This project helped me learn about the inventions out there I never knew about. Also inventions that put us to where we are now. It wasn't as tough as I thought it was going to be. Paloma, Brandon, Janice and me were all in this project. We all had to do research about the seed drill. At the end of our project we actually built the seed drill from a model and put it into our diagrahm.

Fundraiser for math


This project was a pretty fun expierience.My group and I had to create three different fund-raisers for math.We also had to create and analyze graphs and charts that stand for our fund-raisers. We finaly deecided to choose the fund-raiser that sold candy. The equations we had to use were really difficult so everyone in our group had to take workshops and learn the equations. I would have to say that this is the project i struggled the most on through out my school year.  

The Odyssey

Indiana Standards ELA 10.3, 10.4, 10.5

Google sketch up


This project was pretty confusing.I didnt understand anything really.By the end of the project i understood most of it but the story oddyssy was really hard to understand and analyze in my head.I would have to say this was the most challenging project for me all year.  

The adventures of Marco Polo


This project was kinda fun.I had the chance to learn about many different cultures and religions.

Standards 10.1.1


Visual vocab


This was an activity you had to complete for vocab.You had to create two slides for every word you do.One with a picture and then the next one is the picture with the definition. Some words were pretty challenging to find pictures to represent what you want to represent. When you review it over and over the pictures with the vocab stick in your head like you knew it already.  

Legacy project


This project was really cool.I loved it because i got to create a fund-raiser for Mrs. Gabbert.My group and I created a website and had many cool and fun ideas to raise money. The website concludes two videos. One which is a tribute to Mrs. Gabbert and the other is my whole group saying what they thought about Mrs. Gabbert. Our group also had an idea where we would get kid coudi and justin kazookah at calumet to sing and hand out free stuff. We were going to charge ten dollars to get in the door to see the concert but then it was too late and hard to set up.  

Bio health mini project

"Big boy"

Standards B.1.26 B.1.27


This project was a pretty fun project.I had the bigboy And it costed me 4.00 dollars.I like it because i got to use my hands and build a DNA strand. In this project I was provided with two pieces of blinds, doll rods, and screws. I had to tape every two inches around the blinds to show where the phosphate group is and then I had to screw the dollrods to each side of the pieces of blinds.The i had my D.N.A. strand completed.Everyone who did this project also had to paint their doll rods.    

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