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StartUp E by Mind Map: StartUp E
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StartUp E

09 what do we already have?

just write down what we already have achieved

07 is there a team ready?

is the team complete?

02 why is it unique?

USP = Unique Selling Proposition

01 what is the biz idea?

just type whatever comes into your mind

04 who will need it?

there are demand groups (no targetgroups)

03 what benefits are generated?

the benefit covers the demand. Whcih demands are there?

08 how does it work?

describe the most important business processes: sales, production, delivery, etc.

06 what is our vision?

how will it look like in 5 years if everything was perfect?

11 how much does it cost?

tja: da darf man halt nicht schummeln; alles so überlegen, dass man mit dem Minimum auskommt

12 how can we finance it?

das kann man nur beantworten wenn man weiss was es kostet und wenn man sich Gedanken gemacht hat wie wir verdienen. Das mit dem Verdienen ist so eine Sache: da geht es um die Abschätzung wieviele Kunden in welcher Zeit wieviel bezahlen werden.

05 how will the ecosystem look like?

the ecosystem is everything which is relevant to the startup, including cultural issues, etc.

10 what do we still need?

put everything in there which we need. If we have it, put it to 09