Smart city

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Smart city by Mind Map: Smart city

1. Smart Hotel

1.1. Possible Hotel Ideas

1.1.1. Marriott

1.1.2. Hyatt

1.1.3. Four Season

1.2. Possible Information System

1.2.1. Self Check in

1.2.2. Information guide

2. Smart Hospital

3. Smart Restaurant

4. Smart Clubbing

4.1. Possible Information System

4.1.1. Web based Information system

4.1.2. App Ideas Open Rice Concept Reasoing Limitations Open Table Concept Reasoing Limitations

4.2. Need for Clubbing in Hong Kong

4.2.1. Mixed of various culture from different countries Significant cultural activity in the western society

4.2.2. Relaxing activity Space to escape the suffocating life in Hong Kong

4.2.3. Provide social platform Allows youngsters to meet people from different backgrounds

4.2.4. Tourism Lan Kwai Fong, TOP 10 Must visit attractions in Hong Kong High reputation Highly recommended by tourists

4.3. Target audience

4.3.1. Age: 18-30 Clubbing lovers University students Young adult that just started working Foreigners

4.3.2. Club owners

4.4. Specific ideas for the system

4.4.1. User Profile, Similar to Facebook

4.4.2. Membership

4.4.3. Rating system Clubs Users

4.4.4. QR code

4.4.5. Search engine Events Beverages Highlights

4.4.6. Side business

4.5. Research needed

4.5.1. Statistics on the amount of clubs and customers

4.5.2. Conduct survey with club owners

4.5.3. Field trip

5. Smart Car park

6. Smart Food delivery