Web 2.0 Tools Action Plan

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Web 2.0 Tools Action Plan by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools Action Plan

1. School

1.1. Backpackit.com

1.1.1. Share documents with parents

1.1.2. Use to store documents so I can access them at home

1.2. bookmarking site

1.2.1. delicious.com share on my blog so parents can quickly get to links

1.3. mulitmedia

1.3.1. teachertube.com

1.3.2. smart board exchange websites

1.3.3. google image search

1.3.4. video conferencing with other classes

1.3.5. virtual pen pals that email

1.4. sharing with parents

1.4.1. classroom blogs blogspot.com

1.4.2. google docs

1.4.3. webex

2. District

2.1. Web 2.0 tools will save the school district time and money. Many, if not all web 2.0 tools are free to use. This could save school districts valuable time and resources.

2.1.1. Schools could hold virtual meetings using sites such as meetin.gs, ichat or skype

2.1.2. Hiring- many school districts use the service www.schoolspring.com when hiring new teachers

3. Self

3.1. Web 2.0 will make changes to the way I manage and organize my files.

3.1.1. backpackit.com

3.1.2. google docs

3.2. I will be able to share and learn from other educators through online collaboration.

3.2.1. www.delicious.com

3.2.2. my classroom blog www.mrshacket.blogspot.com

4. Community

4.1. Web 2.0 benefits the community because of the collaboration aspect. These tools enable groups of people to connect in ways they may not have before.

4.1.1. changing the way people interact social networking sites facebook.com myspace.com