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Tone by Mind Map: Tone

1. CON

1.1. Conroversal

1.1.1. I think the tone is controversial because the Con author does not agree with Collin's actions. "If famous athletes want to make a difference, there are better ways than protesting the national anthem." "Playing the national anthem is a time for patriotism, not politics." "By protesting the national anthem, they are protesting America."

1.1.2. insult "Athletes should not insult the national anthem" The author is telling us how he disagrees with players insulting the national anthem, because insulting the national anthem is just the same as insulting America, our country.

1.1.3. Disliked "So far this fall, viewership for the National Football League (NFL) is down, and a recent poll says Kaepernick is the most disliked NFL player." This is tone because the author is telling the reader that not many people like what Kapernick is doing which he uses to pursue the writer

1.1.4. failed "It is true that America has at times failed to live up to its ideals. It has also made progress over time, though." The Author is telling us about how america has failed sometimes but it is making progress. But we shouldn't be protesting america itself, it is the people that make up america that are failing.

1.1.5. outraged "Some police officers may have failed the African-American community, but most Americans are outraged." The author is telling the reader that all american are outraged because of the players that are not standing for the national anthem. The Con author wants us to believe that kneeling during the national anthem is wrong and very disrespectful to our country, America.

2. PRO

2.1. Aggrieved

2.1.1. abandoned "In the midst of a divisive election year, an important discussion about race, class and violence in this country was almost abandoned by the news media." The author uses this word for tone because it shows that racism was abandoned by people and the media

2.1.2. Heated The next morning, Gibson, who is black, got into a heated conversation about racial equality with his catcher, Tim McCarver, who is white. this is tone because the author uses heated as a tone word to make the reader that they are having a serious conversion about racism

2.1.3. detached Smith and Carlos were stripped of their Olympic medals. I think this is detached because it tells the reader that smith and Carlos was detached from their winnings because they didn't stand for the pledge of allegiance

2.1.4. Banished Ali was banished from boxing for years for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War. This is tone because banished is a tone word that shows how Ali is getting suspended from his job because he wouldn't fight in the Vietnam war

2.1.5. The Pro author is trying to get us to believe that its okay to kneel during the national anthem based on different peoples belief and freedom of speech.