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Canadian Immigration by Mind Map: Canadian Immigration
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Canadian Immigration

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Economic immigrants

Skilled Workers

Business class immigrants

Family Immigrants

Closely related persons of Canadian residents living in Canada

Both citizens and landed immigrants may be qualified for bringing family immigrants to Canada

Must be close relatives of resident

Every family immigrant MUST be sponsored by a relative in Canada


People who are trying to escape persecution, torture, punishment, and even death in home country

One can apply to become a refugee while visiting, or within the country that they are in danger in

Canada must accept more immigrants in the future, for it's birthrate is low and needs immigration to boost the aging population

Also needs immigrant workers to replace the baby boomers that have begun to leave the work force

This is good for immigrants that want to live successful and new lives in Canada, a country full of new possibilities and opportunities

Interprovincial migration

When provinces gain migrants from other provinces, it is called in-migration

When other provinces lose population to other places in Canada that are elsewhere, it is called out-migration

Push and Pull

Reasons that cause for a person to leave their country are called push factors

Reasons that cause a person to stay in their country are called pull factors