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Question 1a by Mind Map: Question 1a

1. Post production

1.1. A2 work

1.1.1. Editing was long and hard, trailer in random order, changed our minds to storyboard lots.

1.1.2. Making the soundtrack, had to record the original song, and seperate it into just a soundclip on imovie. Added sample clips from garageband, placed them in carefully on cuts so it fitted together. had to turn down all sound on the clips.

1.1.3. Transitions, and editing, used either straight cuts or fade throughs. Edited some clips by upgrading colour, changing speeds, and reversing some.

1.1.4. Had a viewing so people could see the trailer in full and say their opinions, recored them, and used in evalution. Previewed the poster and cover to them aswell.

1.1.5. Editing poster and cover images, using paintshop pro, overlapping and alphaing images. Took time to get the correct look, edited things like eyes, and had lots of images overlapping for final poster image.

1.2. AS work

1.2.1. editing and arranging clips was easy, already had an order, story flowed throughout. Added transitions, used to make it make sense, added colour effect for one scene, and also had some scenes fade through with a cloudy blurry effect for the 'dream' look. Music addition, had to find a right piece of music to fit.

1.2.2. Preliminary only needed to be cut down slightly, and edited together. Getting cuts right for match on actions was difficult.

1.2.3. Got people to view opening, and say their opinions, also handed out questionaire for feedback.

2. Creativity

2.1. A2 work

2.1.1. Trailer Storyline, and plotline, character creation, prop collection, costume desiging, makeup, and lighting. Locations and their appearance, all decisions made through general conventions but detailed through thought and creativity.

2.1.2. Cover and poster Photoshoot setup had to design costume, and do all the makeup, then decide on the actual photograph, the lighting, compostition what it would contain, and where its location.

2.2. AS work

2.2.1. Opening Red coat, indicate danger, hoody up on killer, shot of sky with sun gleaming. interesting and stylistic shot.

2.2.2. Preliminary Storyline, and script.

3. Digital Technologies;

3.1. A2 work

3.1.1. Garageband easy to used, took sample clips to overlap our soundtrack.

3.1.2. Posterous new, easy to use, means work can be viewed easier by us and teachers etc... Really useful and better then pages, also means won't loose work.

3.1.3. Camera & Paintshop pro Camera settings to get decent photo, experiment with flash, and different settings. Editing photo, overlaying images, colour and contrasting, erasing backgrounds. Transparency effects.

3.2. AS work

3.2.1. Pages organise work was easy and good to keep work organised.

3.3. Both

3.3.1. Imovie Editing, basic transitions, cutting clips, appying effects, and music. Rearranging order of clips, was a newer version second time round. Learned how to seperate music from a clip and just use that.

3.3.2. Flip Filmed both products. easy to use, HD quality, need to be carefull with lighting, not good for filming in the dark Hard to create decent camera movement, as picks up on every jolt when trying to pan. has zoom mode, and also allows most movement, picks up noise good, however dialogue never sounds great on it.

4. Conventions from real media

4.1. A2 work

4.1.1. Poster & Magazine Cover Colour scheme, layout, fonts, advertisements, basic structure barcodes, film title, had to create list and basic layout of each, to make sure when we made it was recognisable as a poster or cover.

4.1.2. Trailer Listed types of camera shots, and movements, what they contained so how often characters were shown throughout, created basic codes and conventions. Props, location, Transitions, length, music used, editing, etc...

4.2. AS work

4.2.1. Film opening Camera shots, and movements, what credits were included, length and music. atmosphere of opening

4.2.2. Prilminary Rules of general media products, 180 rule, camera shots and use of movement.

5. Research and planning

5.1. A2 work

5.1.1. Poster and cover rough drafting, created layout before image. Photoshoots, fonts, using paint shop pro to experiment, and creating more than one then deciding and changing things, compare to real life ones. analysis of real products, created codes and conventions, of what it needed to contain.

5.1.2. Trailer Arrange times for shooting, set up locations, lighting etc... costume, and props needed to be arranged before shooting. Storyboard, animatics, lots of group discussions, and experimenting with the characters look and locations. focus groups, questionnaires, and researching the products we were making.

5.2. AS work

5.2.1. Film opening Scheduled shooting dates, and collected props, 'red coat, luke and pram etc...' also arranged for day, outside filming needed light.

5.2.2. Preliminary researched camera shots, movements and 180 rule.