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Book 3 by Mind Map: Book 3

1. Chapter 1

1.1. Revolutionaries confine him to a prison called La Force. Darnay protests and reminds his jailers of his rights. Darnay asks Defarge for help, but Defarge refuses. At La Force, Darnay feels he is entering his death day. "I have no choice." said Darnay as he was getting arrested for being related to the aristocracy.

2. Chapter 2

2.1. Lucie and Doctor Manette go into the Paris branch of Tellson’s Bank to find Mr. Lorry. They tell him that Darnay is imprisoned in La Force. Lorry tell them that the mob is preparing to kill the prisoners. Manette goes into the crowd and yells “Help for the Bastille prisoner’s kindred in La Force!”

3. Chapter 3

3.1. Lorry takes Lucie, her daughter, and Miss Pross to a lodge with Jerry Cruncher to guard them. Defarge gives Lucie a note from Darnay. Turning to Madame Defarge, Lucie begs her to show Darnay some mercy, but Madame Defarge responds that the revolution will not stop for the sake of Lucie or her family. "Madam Defarge looked, coldly as ever."

4. Chapter 4

4.1. Manette returns from La Force. The revolutionaries behead the king and queen, and the guillotine becomes a fixture in the Paris streets. Darnay remains in prison for a year and three months. "There was no pause, no pity, no peace, no interval of relenting rest, no measurement of time."

5. Chapter 5

5.1. Manette tells Lucie of a window in the prison from which Darnay might see her in the street. For two hours every day she stands there. Lucie sees Dr. Manette and exchange salutes. Manette then tells Lucie that Darnay will stand trial on the following day and assures her that her husband will fare well in it.

6. Chapter 6

6.1. A blood thirsty group of people arrange themselves at Darnays Trial, and all they want to see is blood Darnay establishs how he denounced himself from the aristocracy be cause of there treatmeant on peasants. Darnay is acquitted once again and the crowd carries Darnay home in a chair on their shoulders.

7. Chapter 7

7.1. Four soldiers enter and re-arrest Darnay. he is carrying out the arrest according to statements made by Defarge, Madame Defarge, and one other individual. When Manette asks for the identity of this third person, the soldier replies that Manette will receive his answer the next day.

8. Chapter 8

8.1. Miss Pross discovers herlong-lost brother, Solomon, in a wine shop Solomon scolds his sister for making a scene over their reunion. He cannot be identified because he is working as a spy for the Republic. Cruntcher remebers that Soloman was the man who testified aganst Darnay 13 years ago. Carton has a plan to help Darnay, should he be convicted, and he threatens to expose Barsad as an English spy should Barsad fail to cooperate. Barsad finally gives in and agrees to help Carton with his secret plan

9. Chapter 9

9.1. Lorry yells at Cruncher for leading a secret life outside his job at Tellson’s. Carton thinks about Lucie, and thinks abolut how he wasted his life. He come to the conclusion he will give up his life for Darnay and Lucie.

10. Chapter 10

10.1. The day of the trial has came and Mr. Manett wrote a letter how the Marquis had murdered a family and raped a girl and after hearing this story, the jury sentences Darnay to death, to pay for the sins of his father and uncle.