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Science by Mind Map: Science
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MR Najbor

Themes, Classification of Matter, Labs, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Lab, Activities, Composition of Matter Worksheet, Properties of Matter Worksheet, Chapter 15 review-page 470-471, Properties of Atoms and the Periodic Table, Activities, Structure of the Atom Worksheet, Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams Worksheet, Subatomic Particles Worksheet, Electron-Dot Diagrams Worksheet, New node, Elements and Their Properties, Activities, Elements and Their Properties Worksheet, Diamond and Graphite Worksheet, Chemical Bonds, Activities, Ionic Bonding Worksheet, Ionic Compounds Worksheet, Ionic Charges and Chemical Families Worksheet, Counting Atoms Worksheet, Polyatomic Compounds Worksheet, Molecular Compounds Worksheet

Books, Physical Science

Important test:, Matter Classification Test, Chapter 17 Test, Elements and Their Properties

Integrated Science I

Ms Armond


Themes, Introduction to Animals, Worksheets, Introduction to Animals Vocabulary words, Action Verbs, Prefix-Suffix, Symmetry, Cell Differentiation in Animal Development, Activities, Outline Chapter 12, Sponges, Cnidarians and Ctenophores, Worksheets, Sponges body parts, Hydra Anatomy, Cnidarian Life Cycle, Unsegmented Worms, Segmented Worms, Worksheets, Vocabulary words, Internal Anatomy of an Earthworm, Lab, Earthworm Dissection, Mollusks, Worksheets, Clam Anatomy, Squid Anatomy, Lab, Clam Dissection, Insects, Worksheets, Grasshopper and Crayfish, Echinoderms