IM Training Cohort Week 6

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IM Training Cohort Week 6 by Mind Map: IM Training Cohort Week 6

1. showcase example questions you could answer (but not limited to)

1.1. what did I experiment with in the last weeks and what did I learn?

1.2. If you had a team focused Genie giving you 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

1.3. what do I plan to achieve in the next 6 months (from IM perspective)?

2. Admin

2.1. Shane's last day is this Thurs (12 Oct)

2.2. Jon will be facilitator for the last two sessions

2.2.1. I propose that you drive it from the showcases please add your name to the list

3. Themes

3.1. Work Breakdown

3.1.1. example feature?


3.1.3. best tip ever work backwards from the end state and ask "what would I minimally need to do that?" slice according to the current understanding of end state

3.2. Flow & Kanban





3.3. Unplannable vs Plannable work


3.3.2. Do You Understand The Way That Work Is Performed

3.3.3. Qs Is your squad's time and energy aligned to the most valuable work? Is your squad getting all the important things done in a timely manner? If not, why not? Does your squad know its capacity (i.e., for capacity planning purposes)? Does your squad know what capabilities and resources it needs to deliver the work now, next, later? (visibility of pipeline)

3.3.4. single pipeline of work, Service Catalogue, Team Capability Matrix

3.4. Review of past cohorts