Social Media Impact

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Social Media Impact by Mind Map: Social Media Impact

1. Business Marketing

1.1. Social media has the power to spread news quickly. Although this might seem positive it can hurt the reputation of businesses and also hurt the leaders in those corporations

1.1.1. "Social media is a double-edged sword for businesses. While platforms including Twitter and Facebook can provide a way for firms to connect with their customers on a personal level away from helplines, if something goes wrong or the company makes a social faux pas, then the mistake is immortalized for the world to see." (10 Brands Damaged by Social Media Disasters 7 - Page 7.) "In 2011, an employee from New media Strategies sent out a tweet on automaker Chrysler's Twitter feed." “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the motor city and yet no one here knows how to f**ing drive.” "Naturally, the message came as a surprise to the thousands of Chrysler followers and the rest of the Twittersphere. The firm's PR department suffered a difficult morning before promptly firing the sender of the R-Rated tweet, and Chrysler did not renew its contract. " (10 Brands Damaged by Social Media Disasters 7 - Page 7.) Businesses can be harmed by the fast pace of social media and can in fact ruin and brands reputation. Many businesses have to be careful about what they revealing to their customers on social media.

2. Body Image

2.1. Social Media has set expectation and standards of what society considers to be beautiful and have effected peoples view about their body image negatively.

2.1.1. "A Common Sense survey called Children, Teens, Media, and Body Image found that many teens who are active online fret about how they're perceived, and that girls are particularly vulnerable:" (Knorr, Caroline.) Social Media has created a platform for people to constantly compare themselves with others, including models and actors. Teens have the consequence of misguiding themselves and in turn causing harm to their bodies to fit the mold that has been so deeply ingrained as the image of happiness on social media.

2.1.2. "35 percent are worried about people tagging them in unattractive photos." (Knorr, Caroline.)

2.1.3. "27 percent feel stressed about how they look in posted photos." (Knorr, Caroline.)

2.1.4. "22 percent felt bad about themselves if their photos were ignored." (Knorr, Caroline.)

3. Education

3.1. Although social media is a great way to get updated about information going on around the world, it can also deliver fake news and work in ways to sway an audience who is uneducated about a certain topic.

3.1.1. "Following this weekend’s deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, numerous rumors centered on fake victims and misinformation about the tragedy have circulated across social media." (Romano, Aja.) Fake news has the ability to hit audiences that are not as uneducated and therefore creating assumptions that trigger hatred towards an innocent community, or hate towards society.

3.1.2. "included suggesting that Paddock had recently converted to Islam, falsely identifying him as a leftist Democrat who watched mainstream liberal media, and claiming he was an “antifa Bernie Bro.” Further muddling the situation were several instances of random people being falsely identified as victims." (Romano, Aja.)

3.1.3. "Paddock’s brother told reporters that Paddock had no known political or religious affiliations, and there was no obvious motive." (Romano, Aja.)

4. Community

4.1. Just as easy as it is for social media to help build a community it is just as simple for social media to hurt one. Today because of the constant tragedy that is cyberbullying is allow people to attack each other online and leads people to feel helpless and completely alone.

4.1.1. "Within the past year, the topic of bullying has been discussed online over 500 million times." (Martin, Rion.) "26 percent of all conversations included references to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram." (Martin, Rion.) Bullying has now traveled to the platform of social media, Many teen suffer from cyber bullying because of the easy access that bullies have, in terms of protection and the un-awareness of how others are feeing behind a screen. "The main attributes focused on by cyber bullies were: race (9 percent) religion (16 percent) gender (12 percent) sexuality (27 percent) and disability (6 percent) with the top reason being appearance (30 percent)." (Martin, Rion.)

4.1.2. "By comparison, in 2007, there were only around 250 thousand conversations involving the topic of bullying being discussed in social media."(Martin, Rion.)

4.1.3. "This large rise in total number of conversations represents both an increase in bullying online, or cyber bullying, and increased awareness of the devastating effects bullying can have on victims and families."(Martin, Rion.)

5. Cultural Exploitation

5.1. Businesses can adapt their products from the feedback fans provide on social media so that the global market and other cultural consumers will purchase their products. They are doing this just to gain profits, and are exploiting their customers.

5.1.1. Another expample is how journalists use their jobs to exploit cultural differences on social media without even thinking about the people they are affecting How children feel when journalists exploit their social media profiles How children feel when journalists exploit their social media profiles The field of Journalism on social medias has the ability to make others feel embarrassed or even unworthy about themselves. This also leads to them taking advantage of other cultures benefits in an unethical way.

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7. Body Image

7.1. social Media trends have been a source to spread awareness about body positivity and improve peoples self love towards their body image!

7.1.1. "The "no-filter" trend is prompting girls to share their true selves and accept (and even challenge) whatever feedback they receive. Under hashtags such as "uglyselfie," and "nomakeup" girls post pics of their unadorned selves, funny faces, unretouched images, and "epic fails" (attempts at perfect selfies that went wrong)." (McKelle, Erin. ) "Last year, Victoria's Secret came out with a controversial campaign for their lingerie, entitled The Perfect Body. The problematic nature was down to the women featured in the advertisements, who were all thin — ultimately not doing much as far as really encouraging women to love their bodies. In fact, thousands cried out asking the company to issue an apology and cease their campaign, and thankfully, VS changed the title to "A Body For Every Body." ( McKelle, Erin.) Another Example is the spread of positive love for ones self: Ashley Graham: Be Your Own Role Model

8. Education

8.1. social media can help promote online educational site that allows college students the benefits of getting an education right from their computer! there are also so many other benefits:

8.1.1. "The fact that online programs are cheaper when compared to the ones held in a traditional campus setting is enough to convince you to consider them. The average tuition for online courses depends on multiple factors, so it varies from one program to another. If, for example, you want to enroll in the Big Data Specialization program provided by University California, San Diego through Coursera, you’ll pay $399. You also have an option to pay $49 per course." (Norman, Stephanie.) "many online courses are completely free of charge. MIT, for example, offers all course materials online without any charges." (Norman, Stephanie.) "You can pick the program of your dreams in traditional education, too, but that would involve traveling away from home, living in a completely unknown city, and struggling in an extremely competitive learning environment. With online education, you can take any program or course present in traditional four-year universities." (Norman, Stephanie.)

9. Community

9.1. Social Media is a great way to communicate with anyone. This brings communities together!

9.1.1. "Beyond the power of networking, social media and the web (hi-tech) also makes human connection (hi-touch) more possible and more easily attainable, hence the concept that social media is “hi-tech hi-touch.” It does this by building a bridge between people that otherwise may not connect, even if they met directly in person and had no geographical boundaries." (Social Media: Bringing People Together, Virtually and Physically.) "A great example of this is the phenomenon experienced by many rising college freshmen, who often find and connect with other students entering their freshman year at the same college over the summer via Facebook. During orientation and the first few weeks of classes, students recognize their peers from Facebook groups and interactions, and find it much easier to approach each other and engage in conversation; this is because despite their new environments and extremely varied backgrounds, they already have an acquaintance-like connection from Facebook." (Social Media: Bringing People Together, Virtually and Physically.) people all over the world have a connection with just the click of a button, this not only connects loved one but it can also create the opportunity to make new friends.

10. Cultural Inspiration

10.1. Different nations from around the world now have access to pull inspiration from what other nations are doing. This allows different cultures to adapt and evolve.

10.1.1. “Since the early 1990’s, many new countries have entered the “global world” and adopted Western values in their cultural politics; they have supported, collected, and promoted contemporary art.” (Manovich 326)

10.2. Businesses can adapt their products from the feedback fans provide on social media so that the global market and other cultural consumers will purchase their products.

10.2.1. “ game producers, musicians, and film companies try to react to what fans say about their products, implement fans’ wishes, and even shape story lines in response to conversations among cultural consumers.” (Manovich 326) social media has a direct connection to the outside world, people can learn from different cultures and even improve businesses ability to sell products internationally and also gain inspiration from other cultures. This grows our understanding of the world and teaches us that there are multiple ways to do something.

11. Business Marketing

11.1. Social Media has the tools that allow businesses to reach out to their audience, gain a strong reputation, and even receive feedback from their customer base.

11.1.1. "Research shows that social media is increasingly a platform consumers use to express their loyalty to their favorite brands and products, and many seek to reap benefits from brands for helping promote their products. " (“How Social Media Impacts Brand Marketing.”) Forever 21 has figured out the key to their success: millennial-minded social media. "The brand’s current following totals at 8.8 million users. According to WWD, this makes the brand the fourth most-followed brand on the social platform. The reason for this is due to the company’s curation of content that they choose to share on Instagram for their follows. This means that social strategies in general can actually have a huge impact for fashion brands. Moreno states that the biggest takeaway is paying attention to customers and “using them to fuel the marketing strategy.” (Ehlers, Sara.) Brands have used social media as a way to connect to their customers, gain feedback and develop their products to provide customers with what they are looking for and in turn have made their brands more successful. The social media platforms have made it easier for brands to reach out to their customers and even grow their customer loyalty.

12. Feedback to classmates

12.1. Mind Map Peer Feedback log