International Race Fund Raiser Singapore

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International Race Fund Raiser Singapore by Mind Map: International Race Fund Raiser Singapore

1. Scoping

1.1. Estimated Time

1.1.1. 2 months to advertise and prepare. The event will last for 5 hours from 7pm to 12am. Gates will be open for spectators to settle in at 5pm. We will advertise by putting up billboards, magazines, newspaper and commercial. Such a grand scale event will not need much publicizing, therefore saving cost.

1.2. Responsibility Matrix

1.2.1. Getting sponsors, contacting celebrities, booking F1 track, publicity, hotlines for donation calls and find charity organisations. Our targeted main sponsors will be banks and companies for example; Standard Chartered, Sony Ericsson.

1.3. Current Issues

1.3.1. Security issues, celebrities availability, manpower, sponsorship.

1.4. Manpower Requirements

1.4.1. Securities, professional F1 team, paramedics, volunteering helpers.

1.5. Resource Requirements

1.5.1. Racing cars, food and beverages, hotels for celebrities.

1.6. Estimated Cost

1.6.1. Celebrities - S$150K, F1 race track - S$70K, Other Resources(eg. Securities - S$20K, Advertising - S$30K, Emergency Cash - S$10K.

2. Location

2.1. Singapore F1 racing track

3. Celebrities

3.1. Justin Beiber

3.2. Usher

3.3. Megan Fox

3.4. G Dragon

3.5. Lady Gaga

3.6. Jay Chou

3.7. Show Luo

3.8. Johnny Depp

3.9. SNSD

3.10. Jackie Chan