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Hispaniola by Mind Map: Hispaniola

1. Rafael Trujillo

1.1. Rafael Trujillo - Facts & Summary -

1.2. Born in the Dominican Republic

1.3. Was trained by the U.S. Marines

1.4. Was named commander in chief of the National Army in the U.S.

1.5. A group of rebels in 1930 planned to overthrow the Dominican President, Horacio Vasquez for disregarding the constitution by extending his presidential career. General Trujillo withheld his troops as the event unfolded. By doing this he maintained his neutrality and with President Vasques in a state of banishment, there was a spot for power of government open. Rafael Trujillo eliminated his political opposers through force and intimidation and won the next presidential election.

1.6. Within months of taking leadership, a powerful Hurricane ripped through the capital city of Santo Domingo that killed about 2,000 people. Rafael Trujillo responded by putting the country under martial law and quickly cleaning up the debris. He used the hurricane as an excuse to chargr more taxes. Six years later he renamed the capital Cuidad Trujillo in his honor. The hurricane greatly effected their trading system.

1.7. Retained control over the Dominican for 31 years.

1.8. Before a solid boundary had been made between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, disagreements between the two countries persisted. So, Rafael Trujillo established "anti-Haitian" opinions. On October 2, 1937, during reports of Haitians stealing cattle and crops from Dominicans along the northwest border, Trujillo ordered the massacre of about 20,000 Haitians.

1.9. The United States allowed refugees from Hispaniola to enter the country.

1.10. When he was 16 years old he joined an gang and committed09 a list of crimes. He was arrested for forging a check and lost his job.

1.11. He got married and had 2 children,but then got a divorce.

1.12. By 1916 he got a job on a sugar plantation. Later he got promoted to being a private policeman on the plantation. and by 1919 trujillo was offered the opportunity to train as an officer for the country’s first municipal police force, for the constabulary guard.

1.13. In 1930 when the current president faced revolts, Trujillo named himself a candidate for the presidential elections. During his campaign he hired a secret police force to torture or murder supporters for the opposing side. So he obviously won by a landslide.

1.14. When his training was complete he quickly moved up the ranks. By 1924 he was made second in command of the guard and by 1925 he became commander in chief.

2. November 25, 1960-The assassination of the Mirabal Sisters

2.1. The Mirabal Sisters Website

2.2. The sisters names were Minerva, Patria, Maria Teresa, and Dede, a.k.a. Belgica.

2.3. Trujillo hired "beauty scouts" people who were to find young girls for him to romance or rape. This resulted in him forcing the Mirabel sisters to one of his parties. Minerva realized that she was his target and politely turned down his request. When he forced the issue she slapped him in the face and left the party.

2.4. It wasn't a crime in Latin America for domestic violence. It wasn't until 1997 until it actually became a crime.

2.5. The sisters were known as "las mariposas" or butterflies.

2.6. Trujillo tried to ruin their lives, so their family became activists.

2.7. Assassinated by the Sim, Rafael trujillo's personal assassins.

2.8. 3 of the sisters were killed on November 25. The 4th died in 2014.

2.9. When their attempt to assassinate Trujillo in 1960 was exposed, the entire group was thrown in jail. Due to pressure from some of Trujillo’s dumber moves, the women were quickly released. When Trujillo’s political misfortunes continued he began to blame the Mirabal sisters for all his problems. And so he ordered them to be killed. The assassination of the Mirabals was a clumsy event. First, Trujillo transferred their jailed husbands to a remote jail that required travel across a mountain range. The three activist sisters (Dede did not participate) knew this was a trap, their friends begged them not to visit their husbands, but they did so anyways. And sure enough, when they did, secret police ambushed their jeep in the mountain pass. Knowing they were going to die, Patria ran to a nearby truck, told the driver who they were and that they were about to get killed, and to spread the word. The truck quickly sped off. The three activist Mirabal sisters were killed shortly after. The secret police strangled and beat them, then put them back into the jeep and threw it over a cliff, to make it look like an accident despite clear fingerprints all over the vehicle, and the obvious trauma on the Mirabal sisters' bodies.

3. Julia Alvarez

3.1. Julia Alvarez: official author website

3.2. Was born in New York City, but after 3 months her parents decided to move back to the Dominican Republic.

3.3. At age 10, she had to leave the country due to Rafael Trujillo's Rule and moved back to New York.

3.4. When she arrived in America she knew very little English and had to pay very close attention to each word which helped her become a better writer.

3.5. She went to high school and college and then a graduate program in creative writing. She knew that she wanted to be a writer. But it was the late sixties, early seventies. Afro-American writers were just beginning to become popular, but Latino writers were unheard of. But she kept writing, knowing that this was what she was meant to do. She had to earn a living somehow, so she became a teacher.

3.6. Her first novel, How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, was published in 1991.

3.7. Being caught between two cultures has effected alvarez's poetry and fiction work.

4. Predictions/what I believe will be in the plot

4.1. I can predict that Anita will be one of the main characters and that she will play a role in acting against Trujillo's regime. I can infer that someone close to her will be affected by Rafael Trujillo's rule. Based on my research, I believe that Anita will be sought out by Rafael Trujillo's "beauty scouts" and receive sexual abuse or rape. Overall, I think that Anita will play a part in helping to stop Rafael Trujillo.

5. Is is right to do something wrong if it benefits a large group of people?

5.1. I think it is ok for someone to break the laws/rules when someone is in danger and the only way to save them would be to disobey laws/rules. I think it is also ok to defy the law if you put yourself in a situation where the only way to escape would be to disregard laws/rules. Especially if you are in a dictatorship, if it benefits a very large group of people to do something wrong, then I think it is the right thing to break the rules/laws for the betterment of that group.

6. Haiti

6.1. Suffering from destruction caused by many natural disasters over time

6.2. In a desperate state of poverty

6.3. Average life span is about 61 years

6.4. Mountains can cut off rainfall

6.5. Deforestation is a major problem

6.6. Rely heavily on agriculture

6.7. Speak French, Creole

6.8. Founder was French, but wanted to have his own language

6.9. Wealthy live higher up geographically

7. Dominican Republic

7.1. Life span is about 74 years

7.2. More likely to learn how to read and write than people in Haiti

7.3. Speak Spanish

7.4. Wealth is found in architecture

7.5. Why Dominican Republic and Haiti Don't Get Along

8. Both

8.1. Taino people were first to inhabit this island

8.2. 80%-90% Roman Catholic

8.3. Extreme wealth and Extreme poverty- no in between

8.4. Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, Video, Tech Reviews -

8.5. Have very poor neighborhoods, but also have very rich neighborhoods.

9. Before We Were Free Butterfly

9.1. Dates-September 9 through October 2 and November 25.

9.1.1. November 5th was the day three of the Mirabal Sister were assassinated by Trujillo's personal police.

9.1.2. October 2nd is the day that Rafael Trujillo ordered the execution of 20,000 Haitians.

9.2. Names

9.2.1. Dede, Patria, Minerva, Maria Teresa-the Mirabal Sisters

9.2.2. Anita- Main character in Before We Were Free.

9.2.3. Julia Alvarez- Author of Before We Were Free.

9.3. Dede-only surviving Mirabal sister.

9.4. Body of the butterfly separating free words like dignity, passion, freedom and the American Flag from words like ajusticiamiento, which means execution, revolution.

9.5. Spanish words.

9.5.1. inolvidables mariposas-unforgettable butterflies On the right side of the butterfly, this translation is in Spanish, but on the left side it is in English. This is the case because the right side represents the Dominican Republic (they speak Spanish) and the left represents America (they speak English).

9.5.2. ajusticiamiento-to execute

9.6. On the right side, the flag that is displayed is the Dominican Republic Flag.

9.7. Anita- the main character in Before We Were Free

9.8. The Mirabal Sisters were nicknamed the butterflies. They connect to butterflies because like butterflies they started off confined, and trapped in the hands of the dictator, Rafael Trujillo, then later they transformed into something bigger, stronger, and tried to fight back, risking their lives.

9.9. Possible themes- Passion, revolution, freedom, dignity, and persecution.

9.10. Closed fist is a symbol of solidarity and support. It is also used as a salute to express unity, strength, defiance, or resistance.

10. Civil Disobedience

10.1. Civil disobedience is the refusal to obey laws or not pay taxes or fines as a form of peaceful protest. An appropriate time to perform civil disobedience would be in the hands of a dictatorship. It is a way to express your opinion without officially doing anything wrong.

11. Flags

11.1. Haitian Flag

11.2. Dominican Republic Flag

12. Before We Were Free

12.1. The color of the cover is black and white to represent the mood/emotions.

12.2. The person in the room is probably the main character, Anita. In the cover she looks very solemn, almost like she is trapped.

12.3. She most likely lives in a poor neighborhood. I gathered this information from the distress of the window frame and the cracks in the walls of the house.

12.4. There were many riots in the Dominican Republic, in that time period, so she may be looking through her window at one.

12.5. From the title, I can infer that this story takes place before the Dominican gained independence from Trujillo. It most likely takes place when they were fighting for independence and trying to end Rafael Trujillo's reign.