Kidney's Role in Homeostasis-Chief medical Diagnosis- Kidney Failure

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Kidney's Role in Homeostasis-Chief medical Diagnosis- Kidney Failure by Mind Map: Kidney's Role in Homeostasis-Chief medical Diagnosis- Kidney Failure

1. Nursing Diagnosis:-Altered Renal Perfusion related to glomerular mal function

2. Nursing Diagnosis:-Altered Nutrition less than body requirements related to catabolic state,anorexia and malnutrition.

3. Nursing Diagnosis:-Fluid Volume excess related to decrease glomerular filtration rate and sodium retention.

4. Nursing Diagnosis:-Impaired urinary elimination related to failing glomerular malfunction

5. -Edema -Hypertension -Weight gain -Oliguria -Distended jugular vein -Changes in mental -status -pulmonary congestion

6. Assessment- Edema -Hypertension -Weight gain -Shortness of breath -Oliguria -Distended jugular vein -Changes in mental status

7. Assessment-Increase BUN, Creatinine, uric acid -Oliguria -Anuria -Edema -Pulmonary congestion -Hypertension -Hematuria

8. Assessment-Increase BUN, Creatinine and Uric acid. -Oliguria -Anuria -Hesitancy -Urinary retension

9. Assessment-Anorexia Anemia Fatigue Inadequate food intake

10. Limit sodium intake

11. Monitor fluid intake

12. Admininister Diueretics as prescribed

13. Elevate edematus extremities

14. Monitor vital signs

15. palpate bladder

16. Monitor fluid intake and out put

17. Pain assessment/ observe for signs of infection

18. Maintain Hygene

19. Monitor urine output

20. Administer IV fluid as ordered

21. Observe urine characteristic and specific gravity

22. Monitor Blood Pressure

23. weigh daily

24. Assess general appearance

25. Review lab values

26. weigh daily

27. Provide diet modification

28. Avoid sodium rich food

29. Provide oral care

30. Nursing Intervention

31. Nursing Intervention

32. Weigh daily

33. nursing intervention

34. Nursing intervention

35. Sivagamy Gnanasegar Nephrology Nursing 510 Humber College Janett Black October 16, 2017.