Responsive Intelligence - TEDxVienna 2017

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Responsive Intelligence - TEDxVienna 2017 by Mind Map: Responsive Intelligence - TEDxVienna 2017

1. How can we program matter?

1.1. With Graphene, the wonder material

1.1.1. thin, flexible, translucent

1.2. Architecture can respond to nature, to user input...

2. Addressing climate change

2.1. Passive architecture

2.2. Climate-responsive

2.3. With help of robotics and more

2.4. Dialog between digital fabrication and material intelligence

2.5. Zero carbon footprint project

3. Responsive Urban Core

3.1. Urban catalyst for other neighborhoods

3.2. Robots co-exist with us

3.3. Public spaces can adapt and expand to the user flow

4. Speaker


4.1.1. Graphene Architect | ESP

4.1.2. chenthur raaghav (@chenthurraaghav) | Twitter

5. Can buildings and cities become intelligent?

6. Urban noise is a big threat for the future

6.1. We have to start designing spaces that are responsive

6.2. How do humans perceive sounds?

6.2.1. Subjective

6.3. How can architecture adapt to urban noise?

7. Global warming, air pollution...

7.1. How can we address these issues?

7.2. Think of a Facade that cleans the environment