Globalization and exchange rate policy

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Globalization and exchange rate policy by Mind Map: Globalization and exchange rate policy

1. Politics

1.1. theoretical

1.1.1. they presuppose that policy is made on welfare grounds.

1.2. empirical

1.2.1. there is little evidence that existing currency unions met optimal currency area criteria when they were created

2. Choices and tradeoffs

2.1. level

2.1.1. depreciated

2.1.2. appreciated

2.2. regime

2.2.1. fixed to lower exchange rate risk and transaction costs that can impede international trade and investment

2.2.2. floating allows a government to pursue its own independent monetary policy

3. Political factors (Government faces pressure)

3.1. for purchasing power, from consumers

3.2. for favorable relative price effects, especially from tradeables producers

3.3. for reduced volatility, from those who are internationally exposed

4. Special interest groups

4.1. international

4.2. domestic economic activity

4.2.1. also gain from an appreciation as the dome- stic currency prices of imported goods fall, lowering the cost of living