Choosing Your Path

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Choosing Your Path by Mind Map: Choosing Your Path

1. Yes

1.1. Go and see my cousins and nephew

1.1.1. I would spend time with them and play games with them.

1.2. Go to see my other family

1.2.1. I would go see them and talk with them to see how they have been.

1.3. Go to the Carnival

1.3.1. Ride some rodes and visit some friends and family.

2. No

2.1. Stay Home

2.1.1. I will spend time with my mom or maybe play the Xbox 360.

2.2. Go and hang out with Friends

2.2.1. We will go to a party or just chill and talk.

2.3. Hang out with DJ :D <3

2.3.1. We could sit and chill or play some games.

3. Scenario