Hospitality United Launch Plan

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Hospitality United Launch Plan by Mind Map: Hospitality United Launch Plan

1. Marketing

1.1. completed

1.1.1. Create Email newsletters

1.1.2. Do steps needed for warm up process and preparation of email lists

1.1.3. Understand and Outline the warm up process

1.1.4. Sign up for mailing services

1.1.5. Create news letters for the warm up process of onboarding clients

1.1.6. Begin sending

1.2. Automate Newsletters

1.2.1. Use spinnerchief to rewrite sarticals

1.2.2. Look at your paid for products and rewatch how to video

1.2.3. find top articaols, for each type of product by seawrching key words for each product collect 5 for each product find 30 - copy and paste text into word documents

1.2.4. rewrite articals Run these text documents through spinner chief

1.2.5. use a palagerism checker Check spun articals for palgerism and copy results into word documents for each artical

1.2.6. Consider 3rd party content writers to make articles not plagerised Take the above information from the spinned article, and create a job on upwork

1.2.7. add template to news portion, or just move from other website Create a sub folder in news Install wordpress upload / install news template

1.2.8. create news portion of website Add Menu item Link to subfolder

1.2.9. take time to replace key artical words properly

1.2.10. add articals

1.2.11. Create emails templates

1.2.12. setup emails to auto send

1.3. SEO

1.3.1. Linking Root Domains – This is the number of unique backlinks your website has earned. So if it has obtained 20 external links from two different websites, then you’ve only had two linking root domains. Earning a few links from different websites will boost your ranking more than earning many links from the same website.

1.3.2. Increase domain authority and ranking use moz MozRank – MozRank is the metric used to score the strength of your website’s external links. It takes into account not just the number of links that are pointing back to your site, but also the quality of those links. Quality tends to beat quantity, which means that one good external link is better to have than two low-quality links. MozRank uses a 0-10 scale (with 10 being the highest). The average MozRank rating for a website is a 3. MozTrust – Like MozRank, MozTrust is a metric used to help determine the quality of your external links. However, it’s a little more specific in that it measures how closely your website is connected to trusted websites. Trusted websites are .edu or .gov sites. Even if a .edu or .gov site links to a site that then links to you, it’s considered a sign of trust that helps increase your MozTrustrating, which is also based on a 0-10 rating. Quality Content – Content is one of the main factors on which a website’s search engine ranking is based on, so it should come as no surprise that the quality of your website’s content is a factor in determining its domain authority. While domain authority may help improve your search engine ranking, it also correlates closely with it. Search Engine Friendliness – This refers to the use of SEO as well as to the site structure and user-friendliness of your website. Site structure can directly affect usability in that poor site structure makes your site difficult to navigate. It also makes it difficult for search engines to properly crawl and index your site, which can hurt your rankings. This is essential for your domain authority as well. 9 ways Social signals, such as the number of Google+1’s, Facebook Likes, Twitter Retweets or LinkedIn Shares a page has received. The number of root domains linking to the page. The number of root domains linking to the page using partial match anchor text. The number of subdomains that link to the page. The number of quality websites linking to the page. The number of external links a page has. 9 Simple Steps To Increase Your Domain Authority

1.4. Other tasks

1.4.1. Linked in business profile

1.4.2. Google + Account

1.4.3. Twitter

1.4.4. Pintrest

1.4.5. youtube

1.4.6. Google image sitemap

1.4.7. Video sitemap

1.5. Start making video's

1.5.1. Have a women with a nice voice redo the voice for my video's donna

1.6. GRASSROOT'S COLD COntact Markleting - Organic search

2. Website

2.1. Product pages: All content on pages is solely for that product

2.1.1. add product to top of page and bottom

2.1.2. Remove content unrelated

2.1.3. Make sure video entrance doesn't disappear

2.1.4. Fix 3 main product pages to work 100% as intended

2.1.5. Make all information request links, goto to main request info form

2.1.6. Update images to match product if any are not

2.1.7. Replace any txt not about the product

2.1.8. Try to do this - only 30min add icons

2.2. Get checkout flow working correctly

2.2.1. See what happens when you add to cart Choosing porduct adds you to base membership- check each product Understand checkout flow steps, from woo commerce Get it to work put cart button in a good location Main button should say Add to cart 2nd button should say check out Simplify all checkout process pages Test and confirm it is working turn test mode off ask james to test.

2.3. Complete support section

2.3.1. Find in Kayllas how to edit this box.

2.3.2. This box should only have access to form that is submitted.

2.3.3. Create link between form and meistertask if possible

2.3.4. Link support system to a ticketing or wordpress admin utility, where clients can access and see updates

2.4. Homepage completed

2.4.1. Do a seperate evaluation to simplfy the creation of this page

2.4.2. Page must be super fast loading

2.4.3. See Content mind map to identify main message

2.4.4. Single top image - has beautiful hotel in background, also shows breath of products we have. - pick simple slider revolution

2.5. About us completed

2.5.1. Call the page foundation

2.5.2. List 3 core principals for each do a single image with content on right or left Header, blank color with slider text Do typewriter effect use 3 main core principles as the txt that shows, but at beinging, show the words, United and me show partnerships logo's

2.6. Onboarding

2.6.1. Decide what we need if anything to start onboarding a client

2.6.2. make sure first signup part covers main needs

2.7. Blog page

2.7.1. This is a simple page for company newsletters and blog posts.

2.7.2. Create dirt simple page layout

2.7.3. Copy slider txt only slider from foundation page

2.8. Q/A all processes

2.8.1. Make sure all signup or get started links lead to product section of the page, at the bottom. if easy to do.

2.9. Make site work with Mobile devices

2.10. Make website fast

2.10.1. move to private server

2.10.2. Turn on caching modes

2.10.3. Cut image sizes

2.10.4. Use CDN

2.10.5. Have Hachi review

2.11. Branding

2.11.1. Move to using correct domain

2.11.2. Update logo, and txt on pages

3. Sales

3.1. Outline onboarding and how this process will work

3.2. Prepare system to answer phone calls

3.2.1. Place message on 1-800 number

3.2.2. setup computer and time period able to answer these calls

3.3. Prepare email system to send new requests for anything to James myself and Danny

3.3.1. remove all email accounts that are unecessary

3.3.2. schedule how you can recieve and connect assignments

3.3.3. mesitertask

3.4. Affiliate Marketing

3.4.1. Find channels and post your proposal

3.4.2. Create method for member to save through affiliate marketing

3.4.3. Review affilate help guide mind map in public maps

3.5. Create different departments, have voicemail answer, we will call back shortly

3.5.1. Sales

3.5.2. Support

4. PR

4.1. Create Social accounts

4.1.1. Create linked in business

4.1.2. Create facebook page

4.1.3. Create instagram

4.1.4. Create Google + page

4.1.5. create twitter page

4.2. Request to join hospitality groups

4.2.1. Begin occasional posting

5. Support

5.1. Form to capture requests

5.2. Email routing

5.3. upwork to troubleshoot

5.4. mainly - customer not charged - gives us time to get it right

6. Development

6.1. Finish uncompleted products

6.1.1. Outline each product and it's base needs for MVP

6.2. Completed products, launch

6.2.1. Email capture and retargetting

6.2.2. Browse capture and retargeting Add this feature to product page Add additional prices Figure out how to offer one and not the other

6.2.3. Ai chat