Solutions to achieving Universal Primary Education

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Solutions to achieving Universal Primary Education by Mind Map: Solutions to achieving Universal Primary Education

1. Eliminate school fees - Make education free

1.1. This could be a solution as poor families might not be able to afford for their children to go to school, however, the schools would still need money and funding from somewhere.

1.1.1. To fund this, the governments could take money and funding from else where

1.1.2. The government could increase public taxes in order to gain more money and fund schools.

1.2. EMA

1.2.1. This is a scheme in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, if the family doesn't have a certain amount of income, then the school pay the child £30 a week to allow them to maintain their educational needs. I feel this could be a solution to achieving Universal primary education, as i have found from research that some families cannot afford the basic learning materials for their children to attend school.

1.3. School dinners

1.3.1. From research, i have found that the majority of schools in South Africa don't supply school meals at all. I think that if these schools received more funding and were able to supply school dinners, then this would give poor families more reason to send their children to school as it would save them providing as much food for the family. However, this would involve a lot of work to re allocate funding from the government and I realise it would be expensive for schools to do this.

1.4. Uniform

1.4.1. Free If their uniform was free then it would obviously save the families money, giving them more reason to send their children to school but also everyone would be equal as they'd all be dressed the same

1.4.2. No uniform This would save the families money on uniform but could also show inequality because not everyone would be dressed the same

2. Employ new teachers

2.1. Economically, this again would require more money and funding to get these teachers trained and qualified.

2.2. This would enable more schools to open and more children to get an education

3. Offer school health programs

3.1. More economically developed countries and countries with more trained people could send people to the countries in need of the aid and support, this providing training and experience to the community.

3.1.1. From research i have found that programmes such as such as deworming and iron supplementation, also increase school attendance and raise scores on tests of cognition or school achievement.

4. Education for all

4.1. women

4.1.1. If all women had a primary education, there would be 15% fewer child deaths. In many countries girls are allowed to marry at the age of 12. I think that if they all got a basic education and didnt have such pressure on marrying and starting a family, then they would be much better off as they would be able to go into better paid jobs etc

4.2. children with disabilities

4.2.1. Educate children with disabilities There's currently 500,000 children with disabilities not enrolled in South Africas education system

4.2.2. Educate children in conflict and post conflict areas

5. Get more funding to poor countries so their government would have more money to fund education adequately

5.1. increase taxes

5.2. Reallocate existing money from elsewhere