Explorers and Conquers

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Explorers and Conquers by Mind Map: Explorers and Conquers

1. Christopher Columbus

1.1. Christopher Columbus was born in 1451

1.2. Found the America's between 14942 and 1502.

1.3. Christopher Columbus' voyage was funded by Spain's king Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

1.4. Christopher Columbus believed the Americas were India.

1.5. Was tactically not the first person to discover the Americas.

1.6. He originally wanted to find west route from Europe to Asia

2. Jacques Cartier

2.1. He was born on December 31,1491

2.2. He was a French explorer

2.3. Explored a little bit of Brazil on previous expedition before his three voyages.

2.4. Discovered the Prince Edward Island on his first voyage.

2.5. On his third Voyage he found Canda

2.6. In all three of his voyages he was sent by King Francis I.

3. Pedro Álvares Cabral

3.1. He was born in Belmonte, Portugal, 1467

3.2. He was a portuguese navigator

3.3. First European to reach Brazil.

3.4. Founded a very successful sea route to India

3.5. One of his ship commanders ,Diogo Dias found Madagascar.

3.6. He died in Santarem, 1520


4.1. He was born in 1510

4.2. He was a Spanish explorer

4.3. Tried to find the seven golden cities of Cibola

4.4. In 1540, Made a major expedition to Mexico

4.5. Found the Grand Canyon

4.6. He died on September 22,1554


5.1. Vasco Da Gama was born in the 1460s in Sines,Portugal.

5.2. He was a portuguese navigator

5.3. He Had two voyages

5.4. In 1502 he forced a treaty on the ruler of Calicut.

5.5. Acquired lots of spice on his first voyage.

5.6. In 1524, He was appointed as Portuguese Viceroy .