Solutions to extreme poverty.

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Solutions to extreme poverty. by Mind Map: Solutions to extreme poverty.

1. Solution 1: Raise the minimum wage

1.1. By increasing the current minimum wage (18-20 years old is £5.60 and for 25+ years old £7.50) we can decrease the number of people living in poverty as they will be able to adequately support themselves. Former president Barack Obama believes "a full-time worker with two children earning the minimum wage will still raise his or her family in poverty.2

1.1.1. Politics: polices need to be put in place in order for this to happen.

1.1.2. Economic: May result in businesses loosing money but it may also lead to people spending more money, so it will increase the economy.

1.1.3. Social: people have more money to partake in social activities. This will put more money back into the economy, ultimately creating more jobs.

1.1.4. Legal: Employment laws would need to be put in place

2. Solution 3: Prioritise human rights

2.1. All humans should have access to basic human rights such as clean water and hygiene.

2.1.1. Politics: acts should be put in place to protect the humans rights of everyone equally

2.1.2. Economy: It may be costly to provide these products for all

2.1.3. Legal: Laws respecting humans right should be followed

3. Solution 2: Gender equality

3.1. In the UK, there is a 18.1% difference between men and women and in the USA, women earn 78 cent for every dollar a man earns. By eliminating the pay gap it will decrease the number of women and their families living in poverty by half.

3.1.1. Politics: Passing the paycheck fairness act will hold companies accountable for discriminatory pay.

3.1.2. Economy: Company's will have to pay their female employees more, meaning that they will have to spend a larger amount on paying their employees. However, this means that women will have more money to spend, which will be put back into the economy

3.1.3. Social: Women will be able to afford a better lifestyle, for example, they will have the opportunity to afford desirable products

3.1.4. Legal: Employment laws will have to be put in place to ensure this change happens.

4. Solution 4: Increase quality of education

4.1. By providing good education for children, it will allow them to access higher paying jobs, ending the cycle of poverty

4.1.1. politics: acts and plans need to be put in place in order for this to happen

4.1.2. Environmental: better areas may have better school

4.1.3. Economy: it will be expensive to provide children with all the necessary resources such as text book

4.1.4. Social: by providing good education for children, it may result in more children willingly going to school