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1. JL: (Implications for NP) - Staffs are expected to develop relevant materials based on current trends. But how staffs acquires the necessary breath and depth on the current trends?

2. Kent Shen: Manpower and resources planning for the schools.

3. MMA: NP: MY SCHOOL/COURSE: Piloting more (1) Technology-enabled teaching and learning; (2)To Enable the CET Professional to get ahead of the pack: Industry-linked projects and attachments; Incubating/Pilot/Start-up trials for Technological Innovations

4. PS: The implication on NP and our school is that we need to change our working mode to suit.

5. Seahmala: My school/course: to prepare and deliver specific courses relevant to industry needs.

6. NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC (Soh Eng Lam: Implication of NP: Infrastructure cost, development cost, Allocation of appropriate resources etc )

6.1. Wai Leng - Extend ECG to CET learners

7. MY SCHOOL/COURSE (Soh Eng Lam: Collaborate with industry, professional institutions & relevant association to create relevant courses. Seek feedback on the needs of the industry)

8. Nevil: More of Industry linked training and assessment rather than class room based training.

9. Seahmala: Implication on NP- New forms of partnership to be invented between workplaces and NP to align with the accreditation and other administrative processes.

10. Tiong Cheng: Implication on NP - Need to be more flexible and responsive to external trends and developments. CET has to change the way it operates! Implication on LSCT - Need to start offering just-in-time bitesize courses.

11. Min Hooi: Implications of NP - Manpower allocations

11.1. Min Hooi : Masterplan - Employers must recognize the training that are conducted in CET - for mid career switcher

12. Chin: the need to ensure resources are available for colleagues to do the job. Example: adequate number of licenses instead of having shared laptops.

13. AndyLim : (Implications for NP)- Poly-wide policy and publicity to change mindsets and for all to embrace CET as equally important as PETs. (Implications for BA) - More collaboration with companies to understand their training and developmental needs especially those without Diplomas and to offer to conduct relevant courses to level them up.

14. Yvonne: Implication for NP - flexibility in curriculum and policies, adequate support for staff to be CET trainers and resources to develop materials

15. Xingkuan: design more blended learning courses with more updated industrial knowledge. be well equipped about the ECG courses to provide info for those seeking advice.

16. PangKG: Need to partner with the workforce agencies from various sectors to incorporate the workplace-learning into our syllabus.

16.1. CY: Adapt to fast-paced industry changing needs as well as offer relevant training courses. Collaborations among colleagues in developing/curating contents and improve delivery for both RL and FtfL.

17. NP: resource allocation (manpower) to CET classes; responsiveness to industry changes has to be quicker than PET courses at the moment; flexibility to offer bite-sized, mix&match courses in many different areas (e.g. biz+eng+ict) Hana)

17.1. As mentioned above. hybridisation of skills are kind of the required now, the big implication would be how does the different schools come together to provide the relevant skills and knowledge in this ever changing environment. Should the school tear down the "walls of schools", to prevent too many trainers of the same topic/subject area or do we re-train the trainers to provide the necessary training? This leads to the bigger question of manpower requirements in each schools. (Wai Sing)

18. BA: resource allocation (lecturers); competencies in developing effective e-learning classes; time to develop materials and resources

19. Priscilla: Implication on NP - need to develop CET courses that are responsive to industry needs where agile platforms and pedagogical structures are able develop a workforce attuned to 21st century competences. PETs will need to be responsive to and work with industry to deliver courses that meet current and future needs. Implication for School/Course: Will need to be responsive to potential and possible size of change e.g. possibility of schools transforming into clusters where courses are streamlined and/or merged (developing inter- and trans-disciplinary skills).

20. Joycelyn: 1. CET 2020 Masterplan on NP - Upskilling of lecturers competencies with abilities to not only train PETs but adult learners too. - Increase in CET intake to cater to adult learners as well. 2. Implication on your school/course - Mapping of course/module objectives to SSG Framework

21. Lai Meng: Implication for NP - flexibility in curriculum, industry collaborations and teaching resources

21.1. Wai Sing: Flexibility in Curriculum could also meant that cross school kind of curriculum should be on the table as hybridisation of skills are kind of the in thing

22. Janice: Implication for NP: Cost, Manpower, and keeping up to pace and demand of the ever-changing landscape. Implication for School/Div: Aligning to SG Framework, Manpower to conduct CET Courses

23. Nora : more RL mode to be used in delivery of modules, flexibility in how/when/where the classes are offered; be more agile in managing the content to ensure responsiveness to the needs of the sectors

24. Chye Aik: Flexible work arrangement for lecturers if teaching is done in the evenings or weekends.

24.1. Caroline: implication for NP is to equip and support teaching members with relevant blended learning pedagogy so that we can design effective online learning.

25. Coreen: Implication on NP, need to do more to find out what the industry want and what is lacking in the profession now. Implication on school, need to tune to what is lacking in the industry and start programs suitable for that.

26. Louis: Implication for NP - Bearing in mind that adult learners may learn differently from our PET students, we need to then upgrade the skills or keep our lecturers informed of the learning needs of adult learners. Implication for school - allocation for teaching resources to meet the needs of CET.

27. Lee Tyng: Curriculum planning, manpower planning, resource planning

27.1. Cheng Nee: Implication of the CET 2020 Masterplan on NP : - Train/upgrade trainers with skills and competencies needed for the evolving industry. - Provide necessary infrastructure supports for staff to develop wide range of high-quality learning materials. Implication on school/course: - More collaboration with companies to understand their needs. - More flexible course structure.

28. (Thi Han) On NP: Alignment of CET policies, effort and resources with national goals On school: Greater clarity in design and implementation of courses and modules

29. (CT Ong) NP : Enhance/Develop E-learning capabilities and policies in terms of infrastructure, staff training and support for the development of E-learning packages

29.1. (CT Ong) DE : Identify and/or work with industry partners to develop CET programmes that are relevant and would be in demand and sustainable

30. (Mario Goh) Implication to NP: Designing remote learning materials for CET students to develop skills that are relevant to industry. Implication on my School: Provide training and resources (subscription to online educational design resources) to lecturers to design remote learning materials for CET students.

30.1. Implicatiom

31. Yang Lu:

32. CM: 1) Implication to NP: To make complementary efforts to enhance lifelong learning and training for the next lap whilst utilizing its current infrastructure and taking reference from the sectorial competency framework to align overall PET and CET efforts. 2) implication to School/Course: improve delivery of education, training and career guidance. Education and training will be developed with greater synergies to industry requirements where appropriate. Opportunities for CET lecturers to be supported in their professional development and be exposed to technology enabled learning in CET practice.

33. Low: Who train the trainers the right stuff? I meant we left the industry, how to keep ourselves up to the pace?

34. ST: (1) Implications on NP: The poly now has to cater courses not just for tertiary students but also for adult learners. Therefore, the poly has to be constantly and actively in touch with the industry to find out the industry training needs. (2) Implications on school: The school has to equip staff with skills for teaching adult learners so that they are competent in doing CET.

35. Hock Wei: (1) Implications for NP: Revise of polytechnic policies to align with CET2020. A need to foster a stronger bond with the industries to jointly develop workplace-based learning/training. (2) Implications for school: A need to prepare staff so that they are competent to perform their jobs. Learn, unlearn and relearn.

36. Billy: Implication for NP - the need for NP to stay agile and current with the needs of industry. Implication for school - staff needs to upskill to be relevant and competent to support CET courses.

37. For NP: Mindset change for all to embrace lifelong learning in order to keep abreast of changes in an age of disruption. Both PET and CET courses need to align to ITMs and SFs. Career guidance should go beyond existing efforts at PET level. For School: Greater flexibility and support for staff, more networking and closer industry collaboration to keep tab on in-demand skills sets, staff recognition for CET efforts. Need to ensure a positive PET experience so as to lead on to CET sign-ups. (NLL)

38. Daniel: Need for NP to establish strong links with industries and trade associations for dialogue and collaboration on training and consultancy. To keep updated and engaged with changes both in industry and education, careers and training needs. School/courses need to deliver updated relevant curriculum for industry-ready PET and CET learners.

39. For NP: Need for all to embrace lifelong learning in this age of disruption. Mindset change Is needed. To align both PET and CET courses to ITMs and SFs, and to provide career counselling beyond existing PET efforts. For School: To provide greater flexibility and support for staff, more networking and collaboration with industry to keep tab of in-demand skills, recognition for CET efforts and need to ensure positive PET experience which leads on to CET sign-ups.

40. TS Ong: Implication for NP - To be at the forefront of change and development in SG. Implication for the Schools - Staff to be well-informed, well-trained and well-equipped to take the bull (CET2020) by the horns.

41. Julie: Implication on NP-Time Synchronization of courses among all institutes. Implication on school/course-Resource Management.

42. NP: Industry relevant / Industry linked courses. SCH: Review / enhance curriculum. Develop staff competencies to teach both PET/CET. Upgrade facilities / resources to support. (Kanna)

42.1. Junying,NP-conduct more training to skill up the lecturers with emerging technology; LSCT-conduct more training to lecturer in relevant industrial trainings.

43. Junying:NP-conduct more training to le

44. Chen Ming: Implication on NP synchronization of the latest development of industries and research field.

45. Clara: To NP, is to catch up and review the current job offer in industry. To school, catch up with the information of job and span of competency needed

46. Zen: To NP and to School - Recognize the the requirements for PET and CET lecturers are different as PET lecturers have left the industry for a period of time.

47. acc : To NP & School - greater collaboration with industry to be partners in providing CET training. Place greater emphasis and provide more resources in supporting staff development.